Shopify discontinued

14th May 2012 1:18pm - add a comment!

Heya, just a quick note to say that I can’t support my Shopify theme anymore.

I’ve submitted 3 new themes to Shopify and they said no to them all.  With only one theme in their theme store, it isn’t worth the time to support and keep up to date with everything Shopify.

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Awesome Theme

21st February 2012 2:47pm - add a comment!

Shopify is the easiest way to get an online store. You get $100,000 worth of online store for $30 a month.  Hassle free, every feature you could possibly want and you don’t need to deal with programmers or designers. :)

If anyone ever builds a custom online store again, I think they’re mad.

Here is a complex store I build for some great motocross peeps:

And here’s a Shopify theme I made:

It earns just enough money for me to go to the pub for lunch twice a week :)

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