Ironfell Beta

1st June 2021 10:36am - 2 comments

Ironfell is back!   It’s in beta at the moment, but will “soon” be released on the app store.  It’s built for iPhone, iPad and as a Mac Desktop app.  An Android version is in the works.

If you have an iPhone or iPad,  email me for a link to the beta.

I’ve also setup a Discord thingy for people to chat about Ironfell, here…



WebGL demo

8th March 2021 10:57am - 9 comments

I recently dug out this old WebGL demo to show someone… I made it 6 years ago! WebGL is such an awesome technology that now works on pretty much all browsers and phones. I just wish there were more compelling uses for it.



2nd April 2013 8:51am - 8 comments

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from Ironfell.  After the dinosaur expansion I was a bit exhausted and just need a creative holiday.

To make up for it… here’s a picture of my new puppy!  His name is Sootie Shadow…



Hello world!

20th February 2012 8:45pm - 3 comments

Welcome to DataSmugglers. This is the first post. We’ll add some more content in the next few days.