WebGL demo

8th March 2021 10:57am

I recently dug out this old WebGL demo to show someone… I made it 6 years ago! WebGL is such an awesome technology that now works on pretty much all browsers and phones. I just wish there were more compelling uses for it.


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  • Daniel says:

    Hey David it’s been a long time since I thought about iron fell and looked it up. I’m curious is there is another game similar to it out there and if there is can you point me towards it?
    -a former IronFell member

  • Yup, I miss it too. Polytopia is nice, single player but a good way to fill time in. Rimworld is a bit more full on, also single player, and gets preeeety crazy sometimes.

  • Daniel says:

    Yeah I have seen both of those and they are nothing like I want to play. Still no way after all these years IronFell is coming back?

  • Daniel says:

    I would even advertise the game from my stream if that did anything to help. I’m not a big streamer but I would love to see it back.

  • Scorcher says:

    I miss ironfell and the community alot. I had hoped for so long the game would come back..

  • Alexander Wulkan says:

    That demo is buttery smooth on my 4 year old phone. I really should dive deeper into webgl some day. Maybe I should try BabylonJS, or PhaserJS. What makes you think that it doesn’t have any compelling uses?

    Also, I came here because I checked up on the Ironfell website and saw that it said “coming soon” on it. Are you planning to do something with it?

  • Hi Alex, thanks for that. Did you play Ironfell 1.0 back in the old days? :)

  • Alexander Wulkan says:

    Yep, I played it quite a bit actually. It was a fun game. I hope to see something similar pop up in the future.

    Another thing I wanted to ask was which programming languages you used for the game. I guess the frontend was in JS, but what did you use in the backend?

  • Hey, the back end was and is Python :) The old frontend was Flash Actionscript which is not longer a thing. The new front end is Swift.

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