So long and thanks for all the fish.

4th December 2014 4:47pm

I started Ironfell in December 2011… 3 years ago… that is a long time.

Over 30,000 people have tried Ironfell and lots of those have become addicted to it.  It’s a fun game, I still like playing it.

The Alliance update has been live for 5 months now, and I think it’s helped Ironfell a lot.  People cooperate and in general the community is better because of it. Just over a thousand people have tried the Ironfell on iOS, which is pretty good.

Financially, Ironfell has not done very well.  It’s about $8,000 in the red.  The 4000+ hours I’ve spent on Ironfell is a hideous amount of unprofitable time. Creatively, I think Ironfell has been a success.  I can now say I’ve made a MMO :)  But it stopped being fun to work on a few months ago.

I can’t justify spending more time on a project I don’t enjoy, that doesn’t make a profit.

So…. on Monday the 15th of December, 10am New Zealand time, Ironfell will be shutdown.

david,  :(

p.s. Here is a little thank you poster for the people currently playing… names in no particular order :)


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  • Joseph Castellanos says:

    NO. :( my favorite game. This is a tragic day.

  • Joseph Castellanos/Razy says:

    I understand tho

  • Ironfist says:

    This sucks… I wish it didnt have to be this way. If only there was a way to keep Ironfell going. Thanks David Colquhoun for all you have done.

  • bbrunci says:

    Was a great game. Will you be making another game or are you done with games? Ironfell was a great idea and I’m hoping you have more :)

  • soleks says:

    A sad day for all ironfell fans.. :(
    I understand why you’re shutting it down though.

    Ironfell is a great game and i had alot of fun with it.

    It might not be a succesful game profit wise.
    But it is one of the most original and fun games i have ever played.

    Couldn’t we all donate 5$ or so to keep it alive? Or wouldn’t that be enough.

    Or you could make ironfell p2p… I certainly would pay for it.

    I would like to thank all the ironfell players who played with or against me and a massive thank you to you david for making this game and investing so much time and money on it.
    TY TY TY

    srry for the long reply :p


  • Uncle says:

    ….ohh , aaahhh, david, sorry to hear this, sorry for us, sorry for you, yet TTTYYY for you trying to keep it going for so long, looks to me that making games last in reality is so difficult. i see so many games stuck in funding stage. ironfell is a unique game, i love the boardgame/world style, simple. not seen any competing game like it so far. if this is really the end, i can only say TEARS and <<<333 to all

  • Soul Myster says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love this game:(

  • Lycidas says:

    Shame. Appreciate the work you’ve done.

  • dear david,

    ok well there is a website u can get funds from people around the world the website is it can help u with the financial future for ironfell for more information e-mail me

    sincerely, dudetru25

  • or ads would be nice in some websites

  • and david thanks for all the work and amazing ness of that game

  • KayentaMoenkopi says:

    Ah Gee Dave…I should have spent more money! I do hope this does not throw you off trying to make more games in the future. Maybe one day the fun of the project will return. There is still the undiscovered country to explore…dare I say it?
    Space…the final frontier…
    Thank you for daring to dream and share that dream with us. It has been a blast and I know what ever you do in the future, you will do it with just as much flare and colour as you have this, if not more. I wish you every success and happiness in all the days to come.

  • Tom Swift says:

    [sigh]Why did it have to end this way :( Was fun playing, though!

  • Shady says:

    The fall of ironfell.
    Perhaps there will be a comeback…

  • hobbygobby says:

    much like kayenta i wish i had spent moeny on this fine game . i hope that you will go on to do greature things . but if you make another game that i have the plauser of finding i will always recall my time on this gem of a war game

  • sampy901 says:

    Noooo ;0; I just got back to playing this game a month ago… and to see it go? David, there must be some way to fund the game. But if all else fails, *n* it was a good run while it lasted.
    If any one wishes to find me, SectEVOn will be on RoboCraft…

    Heartfelt Tears,
    Steven ‘sampy”SectEVOn’ Schmidt

  • Mr.Pain/xninja24 says:

    I feel bad. If maybe I was older and had a job I could’ve given some cash. Great game and was pretty fun and addictive. I was aiming to take most of the top players down too. I got one last word: bruh

  • OmegaTau says:

    We’ll amidst this…….keep the original game files…..could come in handy! Thanks to the game time, hope your next MMO is appreciated much more! It’s been fun David, and I will remember that I promise. Maybe I can help that later come back, but who really knows…..Anyway enjoy your life, and continue with the games, this fan base may not leave.

  • sampy901 says:

    Just had a great idea to save the game! Add advertisements between loading screens, the game would self fund itself so fast!

  • sampy901 says:

    Please make new games, I was so prepared for you to become the next Notch

  • sampy901 says:

    Please save this game, I was so prepared for you to become the next big thing!

  • Roboticcat says:

    And so passes another great game. Damn.

    Ironery was an awesome name though.

  • RIP Ironfell on Dec. 15, 2014 :(
    I started playing this game 3 months ago, and I got instantly hooked. At first, I wasn’t sure on what to do, but when I got into Mann Co., everything started to make sense. Oh well, Hope you make more games David!!!

  • Sorin Azarov says:

    Wow, im sorry to hear this david, but thank you. thank you for all you have done, making a community that understands one another, and grew on me like a family. Im gonna miss this place :(


  • Daniel says:

    Thanks David for creating such a wonderful game, and congratulations on making it so awesome. I really wish to keep playing it but oh well :)

  • Scorcher says:

    R.I.P Ironfell, i will miss this game, and everybody that plays it. All the fwiends over the many months of playing. We’ve had good times and bad times. But looks like this is a bad time for all of us, that will sadly never end.

  • sampy901 says:

    Hope to see you all in the next game, if one is made

  • Dorian Green says:

    its all good david, thanks for having me play and maybe ill see you some time in the future, with a whole new game waiting to shock us, well au revoir!

  • Ironfist says:

    You guys better hope david doesn’t give the game to me. I would make myself the god/dictator :) Last goodbyes to Mann Co. The first alliance I joined and the alliance I shall die with.

  • SilverStrike says:

    Damn. I love this game. Extremely sad to see it go, but I understand why. I’ve met some great people while playing this game, including you, David. It’s really a shame to see it all come to an end. I’ll always remember the time I put into this game.

  • drcrisscross1411 says:

    Dear david,
    im very sorry to hear this in fact if you liked I may have even been able to run the servers of ironfell for you with the community if you change your mind don’t hesitate to email me my mail is:

  • CaptainKabluey says:

    I will miss having this to come to. I wish there was a way to keep all these weird people together, but internet things come and go. Thanks for the game, David. Sincerely.

  • Rick Astley says:

    Aww. Maybe you could do a kickstarter? Anyway it was fun. Thanks for the times, david. Dolphins all over the world salute you.

  • doodle says:

    It was a very fun game and I enjoyed playing it. Thank you for the memories David and I hope your future projects will be more successful. Farewell and good luck. (。・ω・)ノ゙

  • Kintech says:

    darn. Literally a month after I got hooked, it’s down for the count.

    It was fun meeting some of you. Maybe the site will stay up and we can continue being a community until David shoots another masterpiece at us all.

  • Emanon says:


    December 15th is… going to be a very sad day. This game will imprint that date on my mind. My conscious will unwillingly be thrust in its direction every year on that date.

    I’m going to miss Ironfell a lot. This game has been a big part of my life. January 24th would have been my 2 year anniversary of first playing it. I met several good friends through Ironfell, and for that, I cannot possibly express enough gratitude to David, and to his brainchild, my favorite game.
    I tried to quit Ironfell several times, but it’s just one of those addictive games that, once you get into it, you can’t get out, no matter how determined you at first seem to be. Now, in a twist of tragic irony, Ironfell is quitting us. Hopefully it will come back, but… I fear we are far less addictive than it.
    Perhaps the most charming part of Ironfell was its tight-knit community structure, in which everyone knew everyone and business was rarely strictly business. This caused some drama, but it was a unique dynamic, and I wish that that type of game was a financially viable option for a developer.
    David, I understand that you can’t sustain Ironfell anymore, and I applaud and thank you for trying for as long as you did. You should save it, though, in case you ever think of a way to make it work. I would be back in an instant. Also, if you make any other games, consider me a customer.

    I’m really, really going to miss this game.

    – Emanon

  • JFHeartbreak says:

    I’m crying as I type this. I feel my heart has indeed been broken.. School got tough these past two months and I wasn’t playing but I didn’t think the end was near :(

    I just want to thank you politely for this game to fiddle around with. I love it. It is as incredibly complex in strategy as it is as simple in design. A remarkable game with so much individuality and character I am so happy to have been a part of. I’m so sad to see it go. I’m going to screen-shot as many realms as I can and make a mural.

    I couldn’t imagine all the sunken dough, and being a poor college student I really understand the monetary aspect. I tried to do my supporting once or twice a month, because I knew that it would keep the game alive. I’m sorry it was not enough.

    Dave, I want to just thank you again for the Good Times. I want to thank you for the only video game that has ever made my heart beat so fast and make my palms sweat so much as the time I engaged in live combat with Cannon WhiteCandle at Fort Smith on Speedy-Sunday. Spent about 640k of Oil on Ironclads within ten minutes. That two hours of Victory that I felt before she cleaned me off the planet with her Flagships was so worth it.. Oh my gosh, what a glorious day. It was a real experience, and to that I tip my hat.

    Thanks again Dave :)

    Jeffrey F Edwards
    Jeffrey Fuckin’ Heartbreak

    P.S. I would so totally pay to play, and I know I’m not the only one, just sayin ;)

  • Yellow103, shogun of Yakuza, Last general of The Divine Army says:

    Sad to see ironfell go. I can gurantee that if the code is posted on github the ironfell community will make it work.

    -Yakuza, over and out.

  • Runewizard702 says:

    Dear David,

    I thank you for making this game where people can either work together or fight one another, but still be able to casually talk with one another because of how this community was founded. I am sorry that it had to end this way, and hope that perhaps, someday- maybe not even three years down the road- but just someday- that Ironfell will maybe come back online, and that we may all have fun again. I have made many friends on this game, and I wish that this community could have lasted to the end of time.

    So long Ironfell.

    And thank you David


  • Bman425 says:

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

  • Sir Juice says:


    Thank you so much for everything you have done. Ironfell was a great game and I will truly cherish the memories I have gotten from it. I really liked its community and all the friendships I made. It was my favorite game and will continue to be so. I do not see any other replacing it any time soon.

    I am very sadden that it has not been viable for you and that you no longer get pleasure from developing it. I regret not ever donating. I am a broke 17 year old, but that is no excuse.

    I really wish you could reconsider your decision and please find a way to keep Ironfell alive.

    My ideas are to start a kickstarter fund to get you out of the red and support other financial needs that you may have. I also think you should make it a game that players must pay to play. Perhaps get it on the Steam store and sell it for $20. I would really like to see this happen!

    It’s up to to you, David. If you choose not to hopefully you can pass the torch to me. I will be taking software engineering next semester and will hopefully be proficient enough to further develop this game or a different variant of it.

    Thank you for the memories,

    Sir Juice

  • Sir Juice says:

    I would like to leave this quote here “Remember when you see the Astronaut on the loading screen, that Ironfell isn’t finished yet.” -David

  • Darien says:

    DAVID don’t shut down the game I would be more than happy to take it off your hands and continue it there is so much that can be done to make this game so much better and i think i have the resources to do it please consider my offer and hopefully the game doesn’t have to die.

  • Thankyou for the kind words, bringing a tear to my eye :) In a good way.

  • Divine Dead says:

    We have a group that is more than willing to take over the game, and continute funding it if you release the code for it.

  • Before Falazar I would have open sourced Ironfell. But after the hell he put me through, there is zero chance of me open sourcing or giving away the code or artwork. :|

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