Ironfell reset link bug

5th September 2014 2:35pm

There was a bug in Ironfell where players could re-use the same account reset link many times. This let people reset alt accounts many times without triggering the systems that are supposed to limit the number of times you reset. The bug is now fixed.

A handful of people used that bug to repeatedly reset alt accounts and transfer resources to their main account. The worst offender did that 187 times. These people have had their accounts disabled for 14 days.

If you find bugs, especially ones that can be used to get free resources, please let me know. I give generous rewards for finding bugs like this one. The person who told me about it just received 250k of Oil.

On a more cheerful note… here’s a sneak peak at that new unit I’ve been teasing you about…


david, :)

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  • Grimroth says:

    A cleaner upper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally there’s a goddamned cleaner…