Ironfell (indie MMORTS) destroyed by one player (James Ratcliff aka Falazar).

2nd August 2014 11:29am


In October 2013,  Falazar used a bot to cheat, and was banned from Ironfell.  You can read more about it here:

In August 2014, when Ironfell rebooted with a new universe.  I cleared all the previous bans and gave everyone, including Falazar a second chance.

Falazar was banned for 7 days for creating a wasteful alternate account.

He was then permanently banned for trying to hack Ironfell.

Since he was banned, he has started using VPN services to get more IP Addresses and created dozens more alt accounts.  All of which have been banned and deleted.

Divine Dead was banned and deleted for giving an alt account to Falazar to use.

I don’t like Falazar.  He lies and manipulates people into doing his bidding.  Usually by getting them upset about a lie, then complaining to me.

He has wasted so much of my time,  time that would have be better spent improving Ironfell or walking my dogs.

I used to enjoy making Ironfell, it just isnt fun any more.

I don’t want to do this, but really have no other options.

So … James Ratcliff aka Falazar … congratulations you have personally destroyed Ironfell.

Ironfell servers are now offline, sometime this week I’ll take the site and servers completely offline.


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  • doodle says:

    I’m sorry it had to end like this David… Is it possible to let us host our own server?

  • Emanon says:

    Requiscat in pace, Ironfell, the game I dedicated (on and off) one and a half years of my life to. I will miss greatly all of the friends that it has given me, and I want to thank it and David for being so consistently awesome.
    Whoever is to blame for this tragedy, you should feel ashamed.
    I’m going to continue writing my book, now a memorial, just for the hell of it I suppose.
    David, if there’s any way I can help bring it back, though I know that there probably isn’t, let me know.


    – Emanon

  • Grimroth says:


  • Deathman 909 says:

    im so so so sorry david. u made an awsome game that i to have spent one year and a half of my life playing. i made many friends and u will all be very missed :( . i hope we can all somehow fix this. gm u are the best and i know u r only doing this coz u have to. Falazar we all hate u now. Hopefully we can all meet eachother soon!!!

  • Sir Juice says:

    :( what the Duck am i supposed to do with my life now!!

  • Sir Juice says: