Alliance Ranks and Kick

28th July 2014 7:36pm

You can now kick people out of your Alliance.   

This isn’t a perfect system, but I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Here’s how Alliance Kick and Promote work:

  • There are two ranks: General and Everyone else.
  • Everyone can Invite people to an Alliance.
  • Generals can Invite, Kick and Promote.
  • The Founder, who created your Alliance is automatically a General.
  • Generals can Promote other people to be Generals.
  • Generals get a star next to their name :) 
  • Click on an Alliance crest to see who is a Founder, General etc.
  • You can also see who invited which people into your Alliance.

Generals can Kick other Generals. So think carefully about who you make a General, they could kick you out and take over your Alliance.

The Promote and Kick commands are available to the same units that can Trade or Invite, Knights, Princes, Explorer Caravels and Queens.  Only Generals can see the commands.  So to Kick someone out of your Alliance, select a Knight, select Kick, and then click on a unit belonging to the person you want to Kick out of your Alliance.  You might want to take a pony hostage so you can easily Kick someone out of your alliance :)

Email me ( if you have no Generals or Founders in your Alliance, this can happen if your Founder left your Alliance since it was made.

I’ve also rolled back the map control changes, so its how it was about a week okay.  Its less annoying, but the “cant click-drag on some void areas” bug is back.

There is one new swear world that’s filtered :)  See if you can guess it.

And there are some new behind the scenes tools which should make banning people faster for me.

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  • Uncle says:

    waw 1month after reboot it looks like most of the bugs and promised feats now have been worked on, tnx for the great work

  • Uncle says:

    “This isn’t a perfect system, but I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible.”
    …its good, especially the ‘who invited who’ view i like

  • Emanon says:

    I think that the founder should have their own rank, like “Founder,” or “President,” or “King,” or “Lord,” or “Commander,” or something like that. That way they can’t be kicked from their own alliance. Then, of they’re going to stop playing Ironfell or something and they want to give someone else the role of leader, they have an extra option on their knights and princes and etc. that says “concede leadership to this person.” It should then say “are you sure you want to co cede leadership to this person?” in case someone accidentally clicks it.

  • Scorcher says:

    the swear word that is blocked is “Fa lazar”

  • DaButler says:

    :P being able to kick founder is fine, there are ways to keep the alliance safe i’ll let you figure out how.

    The alliance tab no longer shows who is in the alliance however :(

    also no founders in my DaArmy :(

  • Milkman says:

    Yea. Only invite your alts into your alliance so you can’t get kicked ;)

  • Canon says:

    At least until the alts gain self awareness…