Falazar (James Ratcliff) deleted and banned again.

27th July 2014 3:23pm


A few days ago Falazar was banned for a week for creating too many wasteful alts (alternate accounts).  Creating lots of accounts takes up server capacity, every wasteful alt is one slot less for someone else.

He has repeatedly tried to get around the ban,  by using other peoples accounts or by creating more alt accounts.   I’m sorry if you or your accounts were also caught up in Falazars ban.

Today I took the server’s offline while I added some code that will stop what Falazar was threatening to do, hack the servers, and ruin the game for everyone.  I’m not going to go into details about what the potential hack was.

Falazar’s account has been deleted.  All his units are gone from the game.

I understand that he was holding resources on behalf of his Alliance,  I will split those between the other people in his Alliance.

I’m leaving the account and ip address bans in place for a few days, just to make sure Falazar doesnt cause any more trouble.

James Ratcliff aka Falazar aka Nibor, you are not welcome here.  Go away. You are ruining Ironfell for the majority of players who are good people.


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