Press Release: Ironfell Alliances and New Universe is Live!

24th July 2014 7:56pm

Ironfell Alliances and New Universe is Live!
Auckland, New Zealand – July 24nd 2014

DataSmugglers is pleased to announce that Ironfell, an indie MMORTS for Android, Windows and Mac platforms, is back with new features and a new expanded universe!

The new Alliances expansion allows players to join forces for an offensive and defensive advantage. The top players have already joined together into an Alliance that controlled 95% of the resources. Until one player treacherously stole his allies and tore the Alliance apart. Knowing who to trust is now as important as how much Oil you control.

Ironfell is a single massive persistent universe, with everyone playing in the same world.  This new universe is made based on the map of earth and has 7,096 connected realms that everyone can fight for control of. View the map of earth and the 34 Flagship hero units here:

A truly indie game, Ironfell is built by one person and is free to play. In Ironfell, you’re allowed (and encouraged) to gain an unfair advantage over your enemies.  The longer you’ve been playing for, the more resources you have, the stronger you are.  And you can take that full advantage into battle, in a massive persistent universe.

The next expansion is Race to Space, including Rockets, Space Elevators, Space Stations, Moon Bases and Asteroid Mining!


Game Information:Name: Ironfell
Status: LIVE
Description: The great big multiplayer strategy game that gives you the unfair advantage.
Platform: Android, Mac OSX, Windows and Browser.
Developer Blog:



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