Falazar banned for 1 week for too many alts.

24th July 2014 11:19am
Falazar is banned for 1 week for having too many alts.  It says very clearly what happens if you make too many alts in the FAQ (http://www.ironfell.com/faq) Falazar knew the rules.  I’ve been lenient and only banned him for a week, and have not deleted him.

Also… he has threatened to break Ironfell if he can’t play:
Falazar: Well if I cant play might as well wreck some shit bad”

If he does do anything to wreck Ironfell, I will switch Ironfell off, completely and permanently.

Ironfell isn’t financially successful,  but I used to enjoy playing it, which is why it’s still around.  Falazar has ruined that for me.  His constant nagging and complaining, the way he uses other people to nag on his behalf.  Several people who I considered friends have quit Ironfell because of him.

Its just not fun anymore.David,

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