Small Bug Fixes

19th July 2014 10:55am

Just a few small bug fixes today…

  • Changed the loading screen messages to be more newbie focused.
  • Changed the AFK disconnect timer to be 30 minutes (was 10 minutes).
  • Fixed a bug with the AFK disconnect so that alliance and chat talking correctly resets the timer now.
  • When you attack an enemy unit, and a non-allied unit is next to it.  That non-allied unit no longer retaliates to defend its neighbour.
  • Stopped the Trade Panel from auto-scrolling to the top and bottom.
  • When you are the only person in an Alliance, and you accept an invite to a different alliance, your old Alliance stops existing (as it has no members left in it).
  • And some realms names updated.

And the Map of Earth has been made faster and I’ve added a “total user units” counter to each realm.  The numbers are only updated hourly, so don’t be surprised if they’re not accurate.


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  • Uncle says:

    30 minutes …. T H A N K Y O U :)

  • Divine says:

    something changed on client, when you click to make a unit a second or two after the client jerks, and shifts over… it is makign me misclick everything I do after that, impossible to create troops and things.

  • TimTheEnchanter says:

    We need a better retreat system. Right now if I go in range of an AA Tower I’m dead if I don’t react fast enough and send in more troops. If I try to retreat the unit simply doesn’t respond and is destroyed.very irritating after sailing so far or bringing clads to attack (where this would cause the attack to pissibly not be in the most tactical position) losing time and resources. Please fix this! :) thanks

  • Uncle says:

    10 aussie mainland realms released????? T Y

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