Few small changes today.

17th July 2014 6:55pm

Few small changes today…

If you don’t interact with the game for 10 minutes, you now get signed out. This is to stop people AFK’ing just to watch the chat windows.  Creepers gotta stop creeping.

The Map of Earth now shows which realms are active:

To help new users… new users now get more starting resources and a single Oil Seep in new safe home valleys.

Churches have been tweaked too.  The are more expensive than Colleges or Universities,  but they give you the Knowledge MUCH FASTER.  They expire in only 24 hours.  Giving you 640 Knowledge per hour per Church.

And you Princes can now build Churches.  :)  This makes them accesssable to new users.

And again, thankyou to everyone who has purchased resources,  you rock :)


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  • falazar says:

    Newbie Help = great, always needed, suggest having the new realms be ONLY newbies for a week, but its a step.

    Churches meh: gives more options and variety so is good.

    Active Map = Cool, probably helps.

    AFK Signout – Hmm not sure what this is for. Always wanted an AFK marker in the caht, like make them in italics, but booting them from the game is very antisocial, and it is VERY short right now. Until you can put in a decent messaging system for players, private chat, and alliance messages, this is not a good fix. People are often playing at work and waiting a long time for responses from other friends/allies, many of which are offline. So this dumbs down the communication between them, bad for social aspects of the game. And for alot, if it just closes, they are more likely to just not open it and play it any more maybe for hours, thus, less playing of ironfell (me, already gonna play less not cause of that though)

  • DaButler says:

    The sped up churches is better at least they are faster than university so if you REALLY need knowledge you can use them.

    Afk thing I agree with falazar too short and with no saved messages in alliance/genchat communication gets much harder.

    Alliance chat should have a 24 hour saved messages that stay in the chatbox and are reloaded when you log in. Would be nice if there was 50-100 lines on the genchat too

    The afk marker is better

    Maybe as a way to have the client used more have the afk option pulled.

    On the client. Update is nice but the stuck escape is still there. (When windows auto sizes to full screen you can leave full screen.) Wasnt around to check the dc restart thing.(have to restart full program on dc)

  • Uncle says:

    ok, this ‘idle=dc’ thingy …. is … NOT DONE.
    how can one relax at a game if he gets dc’d every next cup of tea???? please, kindley remove, or at least make longer or make chatting be valid as activity


  • Uncle says:

    anyways THANX A LOT on active realms on map , very nice

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