Map of Earth (first draft)

12th July 2014 1:42pm


Here’s the first draft of the map…

It’s just the terrain.  Next I will add inactive/active realm layer, Realm name and ID numbers, Flagship markers and then Trees.

I’ve got 3 more zoomed in levels to add.  Just need to figure out how to upload 7 GB of images :)   My internet connection here would take 2-3 weeks to upload that.

The tiles are available here:{z}/{y}/{x}.png

Feel free to make map mashups :)  I’ve used leaflet js which is super simple to use JavaScript library.   Make sure you set the CRS setting to simple.



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  • Canon says:

    Work on making the game playable again, David. Falazar owns the world and the status quo is God.

  • Canon says:

    Like, seriously. Most of the occupied realms are barely defended because almost everyone has given up on even opposing. It’s like WWII if Hitler had won and hadn’t betrayed Stalin.

  • falazar says:

    Hmm, youll have to check the map again, there are tons of realms not mine, the world is HUUUUGE now, go ask Scorcher to see his, is crazy large. And many realms are with inactive people even, Fez has a few. No one person can control a world this big. I am not generally taking more mines either.

    Did you check the Australia Mountains yet David, the tiles seem to not match up quite right.

  • Uncle says:

    heres my island in realm 2703 |-D, some 2 deep sea spots not drawn on world map tho

  • Falazar says:

    Unc: What bout ur island?

    Flagships, hmm I wouldn’t actually put a marker for the flagships, one of the interesting aspects of the game is hunting for a flagship, and having everyone try and find it, and keep track of it, that is a neat different kind of task. too much info.

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