Bug Fixes!

3rd July 2014 9:35pm

The new Universe is live, and after a very rough first day things are starting to settle down.  The following bugs were just fixed.

– PayPal should now deliver your resources without glitching.
– In Universe Chat, alliance icons now show up correctly.
– Bugged name ΩSilverStrikeΩ has been fixed.
– If not in an alliance, change realm, and alliance panel now stays hidden correctly.
– F3 an F4 keyboard shortcuts are now correct.
– Fixed… If you invite someone to an alliance, and their unit is standing on blood, the blood comes to the front, above the unit.
– Improved the performance on Android by decreasing the amount of text in the text fields.
– Fixed the “Servers restarting NaN%” text to correctly show 0%

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  • Uncle says:


  • Uncle says:

    gm im in realm 2703, all is slowmotion 2minutes to make choppers chop some trees

  • falazar says:

    Always love the NaN errors :P

  • falazar says:

    You get the huge list I sent ya :P

  • Yup, thankyou Falazar, working thru more bugs today.

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