One day to go!

1st July 2014 1:23pm

Reboot in less than 24 hours :)   Excited much? :)

The old old universe is now offline.

The current universe is still going for a bit longer.  I’ll probably shut it down around 9am tomorrow morning.

Reboot will be going live around lunch time tomorrow.   I don’t have an exact time, as I’ll be waiting on databases etc to copy.  But it’ll be after 12 tomorrow. (nz time).

I’ve just copied the user accounts from the old and current universes.  So from now on, no name, colour or password changes will be transferred to the new universe.

And a reminder…   in the reboot, use your existing email address and password to sign in.  This gets you the same name and colour you have used before.  And if you spent any money on resources in the last 6 months, you get those as an extra resource bonus.

If you used the same email address in the old and current universes… use the password you used in the current universe.

Almost there :)

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  • Nod says:


  • Falazar says:

    Really should give the resource bonuses after a week or two instead of strait away, so everyone has an even shot, and newbies.
    Everyone is waiting, yeah…. lots of interest now.

  • Freienstein says:

    Will have a luck too, but since I don’t have any time to play something as time consuming as Ironfell I can’t really do much :(