Progress – Create Alliance Panel

19th June 2014 10:04am

Making progress… here’s a screenshot of the Create a new Alliance panel…


Members of an Alliance can not attack each other.  So you can jointly defend places. Build towers next to each other.

You can only be in one Alliance at a time.  If you want to belong to more than one Alliance it’s okay to use an alt account.

Name and motto (just noticed the typo, oops) are pretty obvious.

The Alliance crest has a sigil / letter that can be anything you can type in.  Special character symbols look good in there.  You can choose a colour for the sigil and a different colour for the shape of the crest.  So far, there are 67 crests in the game.  The crests get shown next to your name in places like the chat panels.

At some point in the future I’ll setup a way to change these details, but for now, get the details right first time, or you’ll have to make everyone leave the Alliance in order to create a new one with the correct details. :)

At the moment there are no ranks or permissions in Alliances.  You are either in the Alliance or you are not.  Every member of an Alliance can invite anyone into their Alliance.  Anyone can choose to leave an Alliance at anytime.

BUT, and this is a big but… there isn’t a way to kick people out of an Alliance. I know this will cause a lot of drama.  A kick command would need ranks and permissions, and that would pretty much double the time it’ll take to build Alliances. I’m storing who created an alliance and in what order people joined alliances. So in the future I’ll be able to give out ranks like Founder, Captain etc. And allow ranked people to change who is ranked in an Alliance. And then let ranked people kick players out of an Alliance.  Definitely want to add this, but it won’t be in Ironfell when we reboot.

I can’t give a date for when the reboot will happen yet.  I need maybe 3 or 4 solid days programming (its very hard to find good days with all the power cuts I keep getting).  Then when everything is feature complete, I’ll give you 1 weeks warning :)   and I’ll spend that week testing and re-writing things like the beginners guide.



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  • Savage says:

    This is pretty sweet gotta admit,This open’s up a great new way to play for everyone. Any game with a devoted dev and community can become amazing and this one has really good potential.
    As of now i think there should be some sort of game mechanic for inactive player’s though. I started this game a week or so ago and right off the bat it was nearly impossible playing or even traveling let alone without being killed by some Auto-attack fort or ship. The one thing this game really needs is a mechanic to automatically after a certain amount of time start deleting inactive players units.
    What is the point of someone blocking 4-5 consecutive realms and they haven’t been on in 6 months lol?
    I suggest a 30 inactive time limit if the person does not log on there units start disappearing and realms start freeing up.
    Although for the new update im not sure if this will be an issue anymore considering the amount of realms and automatic realm adding but this is definitely something i hope you would add if needed David.
    You don’t understand the frustration of trying to play but literally having no way of progressing due to Iron, or not enough trees or something. Which is what i am dealing with now and it sucks. Just a thought maybe it will make the game be less Plunder and loot and kill people off a realm for resources and more fighting for fun and tons of free space for newbies.

  • Savage says:

    Sorry 30 day inactive time limit, Go inactive for 30 days straight and units start disappearing.

  • Canon says:

    Dave has a big list of things he wants to do, and a 30 day account reset is planned as a feature.

  • Savage says:

    Alright then great and yeah, No stress lol

  • Grimroth says:


  • Yup, coding is done for that. If you are inactive for 28 days you, your home realm and all your units get deleted. You get a warning email after 21 days of inactivity. And all you need to do to stay active is sign in. :)

  • LionSoul says:

    give me a friend request if any of you is on steam and wants to be friends (CaptK, you must add me)

  • DaButler says:

    as for inactivity many large players dont REALLY quit anyway not for awhile, even though they may not do anything unit wise they drop in fairly regularly to chat or check on the progress

  • Milkman says:

    Oh sweet we get home valleys again =)

  • Savage says:

    Just read the list and wow looks like a whole lot of amazing features will be added. As for the inactivity feature it’s fine i guess it probably won’t even be really needed with all the things being added. It’s just a good thing to have i suppose cause maybe not all but a lot of players do go inactive.

  • Emanon says:

    According to an app I have, your motto up there means “The reset can be customized to obtain interesting, though.”

  • Canon says:

    It’s jibberish Latin commonly used in advertising because it’s Latin and it sounds good. Every template in the Mac program Pages starts with Lorem ipsum [etc].

  • Emanon says:

    Oh. Well I’m too excited that we have homelands again to care that you busted my balls :D

  • uncle bam says:

    …the list…. ? waaaw, just waaw. just be carefull not to loose the minimalistic charm of the game. some extra stuff is needed, but not for all elements. for example i would like a remake with less dinos, keeping it essential, and music/fx will also change alot, i feel its awesome a silent game. but it also might be an improvement. and for the suggestions on stats, what about a ballance of enemy units killed when offline/online in % ( f.e. offline 32% / online 68%), and same with units lost, will give some new insight on how players differ .

  • uncle bam says:

    hmm is it loose or lose? and “less dinos”, i meant less types, not less quantity

  • uncle bam says:

    and for inactivity, again you’re right butler. its maybe even so that i like small inactive players with few mines to stay, then its up to the attentive players to take those easy mines, while big players who keep doing login are costly to clear.

  • uncle bam says:

    and a suggestion for roads, building while .oving is a nice option. but i would make then neutral units, not connected to a player, anyone can add or remove any road. so they dont get lost in battles,with auto attack.

  • uncle bam says:

    *moving, *them

  • Gawadroit says:

    Latest announcements on New Uni info as of June 24th, 2014 found here: