Alliance Crests

10th June 2014 2:28pm

I’m making really good progress. The reboot is pretty much ready to go.  So now I’m working on Alliances.  :)

When you create a new Alliance, you get to pick a little crest icon for it.  These will appear next to your names in chat and in a few other places.

You’ll get to choose the crest shape and colour,  then pick a letter and colour for the letter.

The icons are 16×16 pixels, and they need to have a 10×10 pixel solid space in the middle for the letters to fit.

Anyone feel like drawing some more crest shapes?


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  • Grimroth says:

    FINALLY! ALLIANCES! + I would be glad to help design more crests. Just email me the specifications for them (dimension, color, etc.)

  • Milkman says:

    Nice to finally see alliances! Will we be able to have more detailed alliance crest outside of chat though? I would much prefer to be able to have that and scrap the in-chat ones.

  • Gawadroit says:

    Hearts, stars. Make sure to cover the basics and to offer some more exotic crests as well. Don’t get too exotic or every rebel to the system will choose the same thing. :D You say it’s pretty much ready to go, well let’s do this! lol

    Don’t forget the Original alliances, perhaps have something memorializing them? Light, Dark, Pirates, Yakuza. Light and Pirates would be easy, not sure about Dark and Yakuza. GENERIC flaming skull for Dark? Yakuza, slanted eyes with the funny cone shape hat lol.

  • Gawadroit says:

    Oh, and Whitcodes obscene alliance as well… I don’t think that needs a pictorial lmao

    Sorry for double post.

  • Canon says:

    Get me a template and I’ll play with assets, maybe even make a sheet you can grab from.

  • rylandrc says:

    I’m not sure what you have in mind for pirates, grimroth, but dark would be easy. Just a solid block of blackness. Also, I think it would be good to have a spiral/whirlpool shaped one. I’d go for that :).

  • rylandrc says:

    More ideas. Minimal (completely white border), Grey (checkerboard pixel pattern), Cross, X, Peace (Border with three connecting lines), Dollar sign (partial border that connects across middle a horizontal, and at top/bottom), Smile (Two dots at top, partial border around lower half), Horizontal bracketborders. Vertical bracket border, TV antennas, panda face (too difficult to explain :). )

  • rylandrc says:

    Oh and boxy (border only around corners like a cube from the game Portal)

  • rylandrc says:

    I just made about 40 more alliance crest ideas by shading squares in excell. I’ll post them to the forum (if possible) so check for them there. Otherwise, let me know how to sent them to you!

  • DaButler says:

    On the-list, it shows bob and jim being buddies and all, any Chance to have bob being the only one able to send invites. Or a rank system within the alliances?

  • FezMonki says:

    I made 16, but dont use the third of the second row, star that didnt work out lol.

  • FezMonki says:

    Derp meant 12*

  • LionSoul says:

    Yay now I can ally with people to take down the menace that is CaptainKabluey

  • Milkman says:

    Don’t forget the 50 shades of grey alliance Gawa!

  • Yellow103 says:

    Make some hollow shapes (letter would be what is black). As for more shapes, a hurricane/tropical storm symbol would be nice.
    A gear would also be a good shape.

    you could also do a wing

    \____ |
    \___ |
    \__ |

    A.. umm, this thing
    / \
    | |
    | |
    \ /

  • Yellow103 says:

    GAHHH, why must this site skip on the spaces…
    the second one looked like a Legend of Zelda rupee…

  • Dudetru25 says:

    Lol its me in the picture of chat and finally i see progress :D

  • Crow Dellamorte says:

    Flippin awesome!

  • Gawadroit says:

    That’s what I was referring to, whit’s alliance. I knew it was that disgusting book and he played it off well… just couldn’t remember what the name was, “50 shades of grey” is what it was. In response to light vs dark, it was supposed to be the neutral faction.

  • Crow Dellamorte says:

    So does that mean we’ll be seeing the new update in a few days? Tomorrow maybe? lol :D

  • uncle bam says:

    cool, but will these have effect ingame? like allies be safe for eachothers auto attack units? and like butler said, one player should be able to invite, or kick players from alliance. i would drop the symbol thing since there will be new allinaces created with every new bunch of players.

  • Savage says:

    What is wrong with the server? Is the update being done now? I just started a day ago and now can’t even log in i keep getting a security error saying server might have just crashed or been updated try again later. Not sure what to do…

  • Danvern says:

    Sure, drawing more crests would be a grand thing to do, just tell me where to email them and in what format you want and I’ll start work on them right away!

  • Gawadroir says:

    If only the game had as much activity as the dev blog comments :-P