Bugs fixed!

15th April 2014 2:41pm

Just updated Ironfell, with a handful of bug fixes…

  • Maui Eggs will now appear.
  • Improved stability on Android. Update the app in the Google Play Store!
  • Fixed too many trades in your trade list creating lag.  Problem was some people had over 1000 trade proposals in their trade list.  Clear or remove your old ones!  The list now only shows the 20 most recent proposals.  You need to clear those out so you can see older proposals.
  • Added some extra reporting in case PayPal stops working.
  • Stonemason’s don’t show code input if they try to put a Stone Circle on a mountain or hill.
  • Stone Circle Code input, now focuses on the input box, so you can just start typing.
  • And added the name of the realm to the realm chat panel.


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  • Determinor says:

    Realm name for chat panel seems like a good idea.

    Still waiting for a reset that will have something that will make powerful people go in different realm types, like dino realms (but stay there). Unless that’s established, powerful people’ll just dominate over entire regions for oil and iron, giving newer players a room to grow.

  • Rackham says:

    Why in the world would a powerful player ever willingly leave a region in which they were established and were earning resources? That’s absurd.

    Did the Roman Empire abandon Italy when they conquered northern Africa? Did all the Europeans pack up and leave Europe en masse once they had established colonies in the New World? Did eastern Americans empty out their coastal cities in order to settle the American west?

    That’s just not how territorial expansion works; in point of fact, that’s why it’s called ‘expansion’, and not ‘relocation’. If *you* had room to grow, and finally got to stretch out and control a significant geographical area, can *you* imagine anything that would make *you* volunteer to abandon all your holdings and infrastructural investment just to go play on a map with a different tileset?

  • Man, I love that new trades now come at the top of list. Makes it way easier to find the active ones.

  • Rackham says:

    David, I should have done this much sooner, but I wanted to say thank you for replying and saying that you had appreciated the comment I made to your post on March 19. (further comments to which are now closed) I meant to reply with a follow up but the main thing I wanted to link to in that follow up was an old article on Terra Nova, which has inexplicably been down this month. They are back now, and so I just want to add to that previous discussion this article:


    Terra Nova is a professional and academic blog that examines the internal dynamics of MMO games. The article in question, from 2007, discusses EVE-Online, which has many macrostructural elements in common with Ironfell.

    According to the author, one of the important contributors to EVE-Online’s long term success is the game’s ability to “recycle losers”. Similar to Ironfell, players may spend months accumulating gains only to see them all lost in a brief period of combat. However, EVE-Online players don’t quit in frustration when this happens. The article discusses how and why players keep playing.

    I said in my comment on the other post that Ironfell desperately needs much better alliance support, and part of my reasoning for that stems from this article: the author states that one way players who suffer major losses in the game retain satisfaction from playing is through a sense of loyalty to their faction.

  • gawadroit says:

    My curiosity about rackham’s comment got the better of me and I went back to that post and read all of the comments. In the main post it seemed like you were going to make the “new new universe” with basically the premise of the “old universe” except with a map overlay. In fact I have read several places where the idea of using older ironfell concepts was either introduced under the guise of something new or discredited because it had “already been tried and failed” I just wanted to say that ironfell has had mechanics that have failed and concepts that have failed but not always dependant on one another and old concepts and mechanics shouldn’t be disregarded simply because they didn’t work then. The game seems to be constantly evolving and re introducing old concepts or mechanics might be necessary. Regardless of the nostalgia, in my time playing ironfell I have seen both scenarios, good concept, bad implementation or mechanic. Good mechanic and implementation, bad concept. Either way, I still am MIA but love reading the dev blogs, twitter posts and catching up on the forums every once in a while. I’m glad you didn’t abandon the game like you had lead on for so long. Keep up the good work!

  • DaButler says:

    You are missed Gawa :P