Calling all bugs!

10th April 2014 9:48pm


Sorry about the server down time today. I started upgrading the mac mini servers to the latest version of OSX. Worked fine for servers 1 & 2. But server 3 had OSX 10.8.5 and when the upgrade to 10.9.2 ran, it didnt reboot the server. I blame apple. As soon as the server guys wake up it should be back up and running.

If you know of any bugs in Ironfell can you drop a comment here to remind me about them?

Hopefully I’ll be able to spend a day soon fixing some bugs.

The bugs I know about are:

  • One way stone circles.
  • Unstable / bad performance on Android
  • Old oil tankers need to be destroyable.
  • Check Oil Seep spawn rate. People want more oil.
  • Check time gates landing on stone floors.
  • Too many trades lag the android app.
  • Throne on wood bridge.

EDIT: Found some more bugs on an older list:

  • Stonemason: don’t show code input if they try to put it on a mountain or hill.
  • SC Code input, focus on the input box, so you can just start typing.
  • Dinos on auto gather and you manually plant a wollemia they don’t turn off auto gather
  • Changed realms in the middle of saving a bookmark and all my bookmarks were disabled until I made another saved bookmark.
  • I hatched a neutral stegosaurus and couldn’t use the arrow hex in the movement selection until i moved it normally
  • On android galaxy you can’t create a dino from an egg, eg tapping on the select box doesn’t work.
  • Woodcutter are on long-move, and stay on long move after stopping, then go to auto-gather and move in long move? or create an infinite loop that crashes flash.
  • Attempting to login elsewhere bug happens too often. Can i soften this?

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  • Deathman 909 says:

    gm i have been waiting so long to play. have you already done the reboot? pls respond asap

  • Hey Deathman, no I haven’t done the reboot yet. :) Servers are down because of an OSX update issue.

  • Deathman 909 says:

    oh so no reboot just updating the sever. then why does it say 162 realms, 52 players and 14 666 units when there are way morethat is y i assumed the reboot happend

  • Is the fact that no unit can stand still on a bridge or road a bug or is that a feature?

  • That’s a feature!

  • DaButler says:

    Dead Oil Tanks are supposed to be Unbreakable :P that’s a “feature” says so right in the unit description. They are expensive for a reason.

    The Throne Issue was fixed ages ago, and havnt had a legitimate D/C in a long time. But there has been a lot of server lag for such a small number of people playing at times

  • DaButler says:

    Maui Eggs have stopped appearing, (not that they are overly useful en mass, but occasionally handy)

  • deathslayer says:

    What are maui eggs?

  • Mauisaurus Eggs and Hatchlings… its a type of dinosaur that due to a bug hasn’t appeared for a very long time. But bug fixed, so now you can find them.

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