Gosh it has been a while.

19th March 2014 9:04pm

I cant begin to explain how busy I’ve been. I wish I could have spent more time on Ironfell.   And I’m still very busy… but hey,  lets talk about something fun I’ve been thinking about…

I made a mistake making the entire map of earth into the 50 or so realms that currently exist in the game.  There needs to be more realms, new realms need to be automatically added over time, and creating the new realms also needs to be automated.  Limiting earth to so few realms was bad, sorry! :)

Here’s what I’m thinking about…  doing a reboot. Starting over with a new universe.  The realms in this new universe will still be the map of earth.  But zoomed in a lot more.  Imagine that earth is made up of about 20,000 realms.  No empty ocean or desert realms.  Mostly coastlines, or interesting rivers and lake areas.

The original universe was procedually generated based on random seeds, and in a similar way this new universe will be procedually generated based on google maps of earth.

So the new universe will start with about 200 realms.  Bigger than the current universe.  And as new realms are needed, they’ll be automatically created.

I’ll probably center it all on New Zealand, and it’ll expand outwards with at least one new realm a day from there.

The connections between realms will also be procedually generated, so the whirlpools and tunnels will be placed in a much more systematic way. So moving around the universe will make more sense.

Hopefully by the time that the full 20,000 earth realms have been created, I’ll have the space expansion ready and you’ll be too busy flying around in space to worry about little old earth.



p.s. Scorcher… I don’t reply to your emails because you are so negative. It’s really hard to stay motivated on such a huge project as Ironfell.  Be positive in your emails and you are much more likely to get a reply. :)

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  • Rackham says:

    It does sound like rebooting the world map and designing it to continually expand while being on a much larger scale to begin with would relieve a lot of the game’s crippling territorial pressure, but I think it will also make the game hopelessly unfocused as well. I’ve played lots of games where the designers go out of their way to make sure that everyone has space to play in, thinking that’s all that’s needed to balance PvP pressure, and usually the result is that the players barely make contact with each other and feel very isolated.

    The problem with Ironfell isn’t that there’s not enough total room, it’s that the players themselves are irrelevant to the game play. Everything really important happens automatically, so player input doesn’t have to scale with resource output. People don’t team up and form alliances because having more players in your team isn’t an advantage; two players occupying one land mass together as a team are weaker than a single player who has taken the whole thing for their self.

    That’s also why the player base is so antisocial. There’s no advantage to making friends; only not having enemies more powerful than yourself. Enemies weaker than you are great! You can easily kill them and take their land. The fact that there’s a human being on the other end has no impact; you don’t need them, there’s nothing they can contribute to your success. Social players do join the game but quickly learn how ugly the community is and quit.

    I can understand a reluctance to turn Ironfell into “FarmVille with Combat”, but I think mechanics that require players to take a more active role in territorial management so that the quality of a player’s occupation of land reflects their attention to it, and consequently lower the practical limit on the amount of territory that a single player can occupy, in conjunction with a robust selection of alliance management mechanics and tools, will do far more to make the game more compelling than simply stretching out the size of the world by a hundredfold.

    Ideally, when a new player joins, established players should compete to recruit them. A game with such a dynamic innately attracts new players.

  • Deathman 909 says:

    David dont do that ive spent so much time and money getting to where i am now

    do it in 6 months or so pls

    or let us have our resources

  • DaButler says:

    have to disagree with a lot of Rackham’s post, but will chalk that up to missing the good ole days


  • divine dead says:

    Isnt he the guy that made a whole bunch of alts to cheat? not sure, name is familiar.

    Most of what he said is incorrect, true… the last line was good though:

    “Ideally, when a new player joins, established players should compete to recruit them. A game with such a dynamic innately attracts new players”

    I have had alot of thoughts on that idea and many others to help the game out.

    People do team up and make friends and it is a good social environment, but it does need lots more work and more layers and levels as opposed to just fight fight grind click.

  • I like the reboot idea. Given enough time, conflict will occur. It opens up everything to a lot more people. It would eventually reach a point of stasis again, however, unless there’s more added. I still am excited about the space expansion, and about the future of the game in general. I think it has a large amount of potential.

  • Yellow103 says:

    Another approach (But with the same ultimate end): Each day, take a realm and destroy it. Replace it with smaller ones. If you want to, this could be repeated a few times to help with tunnels (Repeating would cause a lot of problems though).

  • Yellow103 says:

    P.S. Also kills out really big masses of forces, especially if you target them.

  • Grimroth says:

    Another fresh start. Yay! This Earth was becoming a bit crowded again :P (although there was that breather when Falazar “died”). Anyways, the idea of having the realms generate systematically sounds like a good idea, likewise with the fact that it will be more focused on areas of the world with more diverse terrain.

    Keep up the good work!

  • LionSoul says:

    Also remember your promise :D deep sea rig

  • Determinor says:

    I support this new universe idea. Just took a look at the game itself yesterday, and it was in a mess. It really needs a reset anyway imo :)
    Also remember that David greatly benefits from a reset: everyone buys out resources in the beginning, with some people going in extreme with tanks.
    Something to note when rebuilding the universe: the first resource needed extremely is wood, then oil, then iron, then knowledge. For example, I remember the trade 1 wood=4 iron. Now just about all the major players have over hundreds of millions of wood. The resource system is still unbalanced for the late game imo.

  • Crow Dellamorte says:

    I have to disagree with Rackham about the whole one player having the entire realm is better then two players sharing it. Plenty of times in ironfell, I take one mine in one realm, and have one or two friends take the rest in that realm. If one of us gets attacked, then the other player or players can retaliate and help the player that they sided with. I started playing back in the fall of 2013, and I would not be where I am today if I had not been helped so much by the players around me.
    I think the idea for the new universe is a great idea. I also think that perhaps needing an alliance with friends is less necessary if theres enough land to keep everyone happy. The pressure that this game gives the player is what makes it so fun.
    P.S. I’m really sorry for taking your mine in realm 1 David. I actually didnt even realize that you had only two mines to begin with. I just knew you were inactive.

  • Hieron says:

    Hey Lion,

    You started playing again?

  • Canon says:

    I’m not coming back until Rackham’s suggestions are implemented in one form or another, because he is completely right, the community is ugly and, frankly, disgusting. It’s hard to enjoy a game when your rivals are so bitter and hateful towards you it borders on sexism.

  • Milkman says:

    If you’re going to make it so zoomed in (compared to what it is now), but not include ‘monotonous’ maps (like all ocean, or all grass or desert or whatever), then I don’t really know why it should be based on the world map.

    Unless you’ve developed some algorithm to convert google earth to ironfell maps, you will be handcrafting each map. Why not just make interesting maps yourself?

    Also regarding space. As I’ve probably said before, it needs to be an area where more advanced players end up spending all their time, and therefore leaving the basic world as a place where new players have a chance to begin and develop.

    Additionally alliances will greatly help the necessity for players to play everyday and be online as much as possible. Having some buddies able to help out while you are offline and being able to build conjoint bases would help in this regard. I guess it depends how hardcore you want the game to be and whether you want casual players to be able to have a chance.

    Anyway best of luck, I hope you can make it work.

    PS: Whatever happened to that kickstarter?

  • Emanon says:

    Hello. I like the new reboot idea a lot, actually. I like that there will be more realms, and I like that as a result of the increase in realm numbers, there will be elbow room for smaller players to squeeze into (hopefully).
    I’d like to make some suggestions though. First, I think that you should bring back homelands, like there were in the original universe. That way small players (and big players if need be) have something to fall back on. Getting exterminated sucks, the frequency of its occurrence makes people want to stop playing, and it should not me possible, I don’t think.
    Second, I think that you should bring back tunnels. With limited sources of iron, the universe has a player carrying capacity, and YOU have a potential customer carrying capacity, which is not good. The tunnels should lead to small, supplementary realms just like in the original universe. However, instead of having mountains and seas as the major realms, the major realms would be the real world maps you were planning. That way, even if someone is not able to get a chunk of territory in one of the major realms, they can still survived and have the potential to prosper, unlike now.
    I also think that at castles, though not necessarily keeps, should be policed by the person that built them. Not prehistoric ones though, of course.
    Anyway, yeah, just brainstorming.


  • Deathslayer 99999 says:

    I hope all updates come to life due to the repetitiveness of reboots. Due to many young gamers like myself not having a steady income of at least a dollar per day to buy on ironfell with we usually get the boot by players that do and ultimately usually quit.

    The idea of alliances would be a good one. Though the way to properly establish them could make you go crazy due to all the game mechanics. If you made an alliance where both had to agree with it and you could break it at any time sounds like a good one but due to a players need to grow they would ask to share an island and then the plotting player attacks the innocent one without him realizing.

    I’m only hoping for your sake David that deep sea oil rigs give an infinite amount of oil at an extremely slow rate.(5-10 per hour)As for flight and rockets. What will be their use without the space update where you are actually able to go to space. And as for resources when will microchips be released.Will there be any other new resources not counting microchips or uranium. How will micro chips and uranium be generated. That’s all I can say in one comment without killing you with boredom.

    Ps: Best of luck with the reboot and the zombie expansion does not sound good at all from my point of view unless they were only used by the computer. Ie:The computer generates them and they are hostile to anything.

  • Thankyou for the comments, especially Rackham, super helpfull!

  • breazer says:

    Def. Need a reboot. Agree with rackham about too much land. Have you ever considered making it were, when you attack or decommission something it drops resourses. Like have towers, collages, shacks etc. Drop like 25 percent of what it cost to build it. That would give more of a reason to attack and if you take something it doesn’t make it completely worthless when someone else turns around and takes it from you right after your done. And if I made a mistake laying a building in the wrong spot I would feel better about decommissioning it.

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