Merry Christmas!

22nd December 2013 12:15pm

Presents for you!  Faster Oil and a week long speed run!

Oil Seeps still hold the same 40,000 Oil.

Pumpjacks used to extract 60 Oil per hour, taking about 4 weeks to empty an Oil Seep.

One reason you don’t see new Oil Seeps appearing often is because the existing Oil Seeps take so long to be used up.

So… I’m going to change the rate that Pumpjacks collect oil.  It now takes 3 DAYS for a Pumpjack to empty an Oil Seep.  Or 555 oil per hour per Pumpjack.

** WARNING ** I will probably lower this number down after Christmas. **

And the speed run is approximate x2 speed.  So not as fast as the previous speed run, but I’m going to leave it set at x2 speed for at least a week (unless the servers melt).  AND there is a possibility this new speed will be permanent. :)

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  • DaButler says:

    please not perma speed. it’s nice for things like planting/gathering but makes battle way more difficult…

  • Hieron says:

    ooh boo hoo hoo Butler :-)

  • Tron says:

    hi i got happy seeing falazar get deleted ill be back too iron fell soon :) i love you all mostly gm david c dabutler hii

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