Falazar Cheating

26th October 2013 5:42pm

I’m not very happy with this situation.  Stuff like this makes me feel terrible, and think about shutting Ironfell down.

Lots of people have suspected Falazar of using bots to cheat.  Last week someone sent me some evidence, but I could not 100% prove that Falazar was cheating.  It was possible he was just playing a lot.

I’m not going to discuss the details, but today I setup a trap, and caught Falazar cheating.

I am 100% certain that he used a bot today to scan realms.

Falazars account has now been deleted.  All 130,000 units removed from Ironfell.

Do not use bots.

david, :(

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  • athero says:

    Yey screw the dictating cheater

  • Milkman says:

    Sucks to hear, but I guess it’s a part of developing videogames to encounter players like this.

    Don’t give up heart David! Go start a war with someone!

  • Divine Dead says:

    Please delete my account as well then. I personally asked Fally to watch over the China area of mine, and he used his alt to check in on it, that is not cheating according to your rules. That is not using a bot either.
    delete all my accounts and units, in protest.

  • RedFox says:

    I told you, but noone trust me !
    Finally Newbies have a real chance now in Ironell. You dont have to worry too much, David, because much more new players will take his place in Ironfell and it will be still a awesome community^^

  • Freienstein says:

    If it weren’t for Fally, I wouldn’t be were I am now. He did more for the new ones then your hating ever did.

  • Lothar100 says:


  • NYAN CAT! says:

    I have been wiped 6 times by him just for a woodcutter dying in “his” territory.

  • Rackham says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this. Falazar scammed me so bad with his protection racket when I tried Ironfell for the first time a few weeks ago, and then turned around and attacked me anyway after I had sunk money into the game in order to get a real chance at starting. I was so mad I just ragequit from the game entirely but with the biggest abusive bully on the block gone maybe I’ll come back and give the game another try.

  • Nightfo0l says:

    Not one person liked falazar

  • Hunt211 says:

    Actually alot of players liked falazar, perhaps not you since you weren’t active in server1 (not sure server2) he was a nice guy. Since am very new to hacking and boting i had no idea falazar was usein bots. but then again he was online and AFK alot…

  • Hunt211 says:

    BTW lother dont complein about me “hacking” again. I dont really like resiving messages from GM sayin i hacked a flagship. e.e no trust, am proble gonna quit playin ironfell since you guys have no respect or decincy.

  • Hunt211 says:

    Poor Falazar, but then again i guess GM and the newbies want all the experinced players out of the way. e.e BTW sorry about my Spelling and grammor mistakes… am not really tryin to have good grammor ATM.

  • Lothar100 says:

    Well Hunt..
    As far as I knew you were hacking. You grabbed up the flagship without any units. David failed to add the patch notes to his blog (so it’s really his fault, and his own hacking) and it’s still not written anywhere that the original flagship mechanic changed. So in my mind I’m still allowed to call bullshit (hax) on a mechanic that appeared out of thin air.

    DAVID is HACKING! Go ban yourself.