Falazar is not a robot

17th October 2013 6:25pm

Falazar was banned for a while today, because it looked like he had been using bots.

I’ve spent several hours looking at it closely, and I don’t think he has been botting.

He does have a couple of alt accounts that he uses to keep any eye on things.  And he spends far too much time playing Ironfell,  I dont think thats healthy. :)

He has entered an unhuman amount of data into a spreadsheet/database… but did so by hand.  I dont want to know how long that took.

So he has been unbanned.

Read this post about bots and macros if you want to know more:


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  • RedFox says:

    Seariously ?! why are you helping falazar ?
    he is definitly using bots. He had on his page a list of his alts that he used as bots(ezekiel, fuzzybobo, john, IronBourne). I was online and checked it and everytime one of his alts joined the realm for 3 secs, the page was updated. You cant tell me that 3 secs are enough time to check 10000 fields per hand !

    Further he is the top player who completly controlls the game. He is always telling lies and excuses to justify his actions (like the lie, i would trade starting ressources). But in reality he holds every player down.
    Idaho, a newby realm where no new player can get any ressources.
    All fiji-islands are already taken by high player. His charitywork is none to speak of.

    Noone have the nuts to make an alliance against him (further there is no systems for alliances so its already hard enough to make one), cause everyone gets threaten by him already or is already kissing his ass.

    So he stay the top player with most resources, 10 time more units than any other player, a fort in every realm AND with the knowledge of the resources, the positions and the armys of any other player, he gathering per bots ?!

    ridiculos! He controlls the game.
    rename the game to “FalazarFell”. It’s more the neat expression.

  • falazar says:

    On his page?

    I searched, doesnt appear to be an Ezekiel all that I have seen.

    All kill on site now.

    Wont even dignify rest with a response.

  • LionSoul says:

    All this time I thought IronBourned was Falazar bot, seeing how he has 0 units and spends all day browsing dino realm. But it turned out to be Butler alt

  • Hunt211 says:

    Why would you think he is a bot? Falazar spent along time on the first server, which explains why he runs the game and has the most power. He’s practicly a professional at ironfell. you shouldn’t be banning a guy for playing ironfell so much. i thought you guys wanted more active players… yet your getting GM to ban anyone who is more powerful because they got alot more experince then all of you. Am sure GM and all da newbies dont know much of Falazar in serevr1 but since i was in server1 since da new server started i’ll gladly say falazar is not a bot in his behalf.

  • Milkman says:

    domo arigato mr. roboto

  • athero says:

    Falazar just has no life he’s not a bot but he dictates the game which ruins it for a lot of new people wanting to plal

  • your ally :D says:

    yeah, I heard falazar was hacking into others accounts.
    he is one of the reasons I don’t play more often anymore, he also mistreats people…

  • your ally :D says:

    and who cares how long it took him to do that!!
    he wasn’t supposed to be doing it right?!

  • your ally :D says:

    and falazar says
    “Idaho is only for newbies”
    oh my gosh its a game, Idaho can be for old players too, and its like any other realm, fighting, stealing, and killing forts

  • your ally :D says:

    falazar says hes trying to help newbies, but if you really think about it, he isn’t, newbies should experience the whole game and not be in only one realm.

  • your ally :D says:

    and whats a bot?

  • Tron says:

    keep him banned you never know with falazar!

  • Loongy says:

    Just wanted to say that there is no possibility to establish a base anywhere on the server…i just played one day and that was enough to see how strong he is…i dont care if bot or not…there even other strong players…and since def is higher then attack there is no real chance of creating your own little home ;-)

  • your ally :D says:

    falazar might be trying to own the game from you david.
    he might demand ownership.

  • Determinor says:

    Falazar indeed has no life, and I’ve heard that he took some days off his job from time to time because he could, and spent it all(I think?) on ironfell.
    He is indeed a professional on the game, though the amount he spends on the game averages to about 5 hours per day. And that is active play, not being afk. I can say that because I had been playing for atleast 2 hours per day too. He was always online and active, doing stuff around.
    I don’t like him because his playstyle makes everyone get into an agreement with him in this new realm, but you cannot claim he is a bot: that’s just wrong.