Todays speed run

15th October 2013 12:07pm

We just had a very successful speed run.  All the units movement and attack ran at five times normal speed.   This was a test, just for an hour, to see how the servers would cope with the faster speed.  I need to check a few more things, but hopefully we’ll be able to do something like Speedy Sundays :)

Few other changes today…

I’ve tweaked where new users start, you should appear in slightly better places now.

Pumpkins are back!  Farmers make them. They’re just decoration and only available around Halloween.

I’ve tweaked the oil formula, to take into account people hording Oil.  New Oil Seeps will start appear in game today.

Fixed gathering trees, so it now decreases your unit count correctly.



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  • Tron says:

    poor me im gunna miss the pumkins