Few small fixes

15th October 2013 8:32pm
  • Destroying a keep or castle no longer renames them to abandoned.
  • Keep and castle ruins no longer dissapear when you reset.
  • One sided burrows shouldnt happen anymore but might.
  • Fixed where ory burrows land. Should be empty swamp first, then if all swamp is full it’ll bust through on an piece of occupied swamp.
  • Universities, churches and colleges now expire if they are on swamp.
  • Thrones can no longer be built on bridges.

And I may have a broken finger, get xrays tomorrow.

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  • Tron says:

    your poor finger

  • hoek says:

    too many clicks on the keyboard ;)

  • am313 says:

    It happens when then group is moving between a space that all the units have enough space to get through but not enough to change their ” location”.