Auto Planting

30th September 2013 4:43pm

Diplo’s and Ultrasaurus can now Auto-Plant trees.  And cut them some slack… dinosaurs aren’t very smart.  They will probably get stuck often when they’re auto-planting.

And BECAREFUL… if you a dinosaur auto-planting meets someone auto-gathering… they will get stuck in a plant/gather loop and you will spend ALL your Food and Wood constantly planting trees.

And to fix a bug with eggs not hatching, now when something is standing on a dinosaur egg and its time for it to hatch.  The egg will be squashed and you won’t get your dinosaur.

Falazar thought of a better suggestion.  If you have someone standing on an egg and its time for the egg to hatch.  The eggs timer gets reset. So the server doesnt have to constantly check eggs that can’t hatch,  and you don’t lose your egg.

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  • Deathslayer 99999 says:

    Auto plant. How I need it so much!

  • Smeagol says:

    According to the wiki, “the Ultrasaurus also eats trees. However, tree seeds pass through their digestive system intact.” Is that still true?