New Universe is Live!

21st September 2013 8:11pm

The new universe is live now and everything is running smoothly.   Its a bit of a gold rush at the moment, everyone is trying to stake out territory and resources.

I’ve just restarted the servers, here’s the change list:

  • New users *might* now start with an Explorer Caravel on water, instead of on land.
  • New users won’t start on 1 hex islands now.
  • If you are signed in when you reset your account, you are now forced to sign out.  When you sign in again you are looking at your correct new starting location.
  • Your ‘Starting Location’ bookmark now has the data in its name, to make it clearer where your starting location is after an account reset.
  • Universities no longer turn into Werewolves.
  • Wollemia Seedlings are now really cheap and easier to build (the dinosaurs move onto the saplings after building them)
  • Dinosaur eggs are easier to build (the dino moves onto the egg after building it)

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  • DaButler says:

    dino eggs/trees not faster this way.