Custom Realms

1st September 2013 2:33pm

I’ve started drawing the custom realms for the new universe.  They are loosely based on Earth.

Because everywhere is PVP in the new universe, Farms and Paddocks will always be vulnerable.  So there are lots of Herring, which will hopefully be fought over.

I need to focus on getting things done, and can’t spend time answering everyone’s questions right now but I have read them  :)


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  • yellow103 says:

    might make Hawaii…. that would be nice…

  • Milkman says:

    Wooo do Australia next! Or Middle Earth!

  • Spacenut says:

    Hurrah for New Zealand. Perhaps you could add ice tiles? And Antarctica?

  • the cadet says:

    Penguins on ice tiles!

  • athero says:

    U need to make one with a river in it to make bridges usefull