Ironfell Reboot?

21st August 2013 8:43pm

So here’s the plan!  I want to create a new Ironfell universe, new realms, new accounts and a clean slate.  The current universe will still exist, and stay as it is.

Below is a rough break down of what will be new in the the new universe (that I need to figure out a snappy name for)…  none of this is final.  Feel free to argue any points in the Suggestions section of the Forums. :)

Smaller, 50 to 100 custom realms (no risky or trailblazer realms).  This will make terrain valuable, something worth fighting for.   Everywhere in the game will be active, instead of the tens of thousands of empty wasted realms we currently have.

  • All PVP.  Even castles and keeps.  Everywhere will be PVP.
  • No starting realms. New accounts get an explorer randomly placed somewhere. This means making alts wont take up server resources.  The resources you start with will be enough to start you off, but not enough to make creating accounts to get the starting resources worth while.  Creating ALTs to steal theit starting resources will still get you perma banned.
  • Food, Farmlets, Paddocks and Herring will work as they currently do.  Except every being PVP will mean that your Farmlets and Paddocks are vulnerable to attack.  This hopefully makes Herring useful.
  • Same goes for Wood, Trees and Woodcutters. Everywhere is PVP, they are always vulnerable.  I will probably increase the amount of Wood in normal Trees to compensate.
  • Iron mines will give out Iron faster than they currently do.  And Iron mines will never run out of Iron.  There will be a fixed number of Iron mines so you will have to capture and defend Iron mines.
  • Knowledge buildings (Colleges, Universities and Churches)… will not expire.  Destroy them and they turn into ruins, but left alone they won’t expire.  They will be vulnerable to attack, as everywhere is PVP :)
  • Oil seeps will appear in random places, you pump the seep dry, and then a new seep will appear somewhere else in the game.  Ideally with a fixed amount of oil always available to collect.
  • Electricity, will work as it does now.
  • Wooden Towers will either get a +1 range increase, or I’ll add a rifleman version of the Wooden Tower. This means defending becomes cheaper than attacking (like it used to be).
  • Flagships will be restricted in their movement, they’ll probably only exist in lakes in a few of the realms.
  • Keeps and Castles will be the only realms that users can create.  They will always be PVP and the only resource they contain is Trees.  So hopefully there will not be thousands of them created.
  • The website will direct new users to the new universe.  You’ll have to go to a different page on the site to access the old universe.  The Desktop and Android versions will only connect to the new universe.  This is to make my life easier :)
  • The abusive behavior rules will be greatly relaxed.  Say whatever you want to.  I have been terrible at enforcing this in the past, and either people have to stop being duckwits or I have to let you be duckwits.  Also means I’ll change the games rating on the Android store from E for Everyone to be Medium maturity.

All of this will hopefully add up to a smaller, tighter game where strategy is more important than rushing masses of units.

So that’s the plan, now I just need to find the time to do it :)


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  • Gawadroit says:

    If nothing else it is different. I like the incentive and the imagination. I don’t have to lax the forum rules do I? lol

  • Empty1388 says:

    Yes! That sounds amazing. You might aswell completely get rid of the old universe since it would just suck up server space.

  • pinecone199 says:

    This is actually really cool. I can’t wait to see how the custom realms look. Also what about the per-historic stuff would tat still be in or is that out for this version of ironfell?

  • falazar says:

    All PVP = Great :)
    No Starting or safe realms, Hmmm
    I am afraid this would hamper new users though… with a limited number of realms I am not sure how you can start them out decently.
    How about something like a Single Isle starting realm, with some resources of each but after a couple weeks a player will lose all units there.
    It gives them one small area to play in away from the big boys and introduce them to the game first.

    Would still have buildings expire, to make people work for it. You could increase the value some if that is their complaint.

    I WOULD change the iron schema though. More iron is good, but to make people work, and to have to occasioannly change their defense areas and patterns, you should have them all run out once a month or so, and another mine randomly appear. That way it wont be a player stacking up nasty huge defenses there, and then just sitting on it forever and his friends wont attack them.

    How will dino realms work? Part of the custom realms only?

    How large can the realms be? The size of mountains and seas?

  • falazar says:

    How would SC’s and tunnels work? Destroyable?

  • Minus says:

    You should change the mines to the format in which you’re going to keep the oil seeps, because it will end up like it did in the current game otherwise (one player owning half the mines, and the other players too poor to attack). This is especially going to be true if defense is cheaper than offense.

  • Minus says:

    Another thing is you don’t want to end up with every realm looking like prehistoric rusty keys, so you may want to limit the amount of troops one player can have to around an eighth the size of the rusty keys.

  • I hope so. If that were true a lot of people would hate me though I would have tonnes of iron. New people REALLY wont have the…. space to create units through all the units placed by very old,old,only just new and their fellow noobs. Iron DOES need to be increased though not through making INFINITE mines. Hoping the old universe has a way to get to new universe.

  • PS : That was a reply to Falazar. Hoping he gets back on the game. Actually i’m like that with all old players THOUGH he used to make things interesting. (Like killing my only t-rexes since they were in a realm that could literally never get to a safe realm and taking all my large mines that BELONGED to noobs. :) )

  • David great job on Ironfell. Let’s hope you can make it last.


  • Milkman says:

    Sounds interesting. You could potentially wipe out a player completely if that’s the case. Fairly easily I would imagine. If that happens they would need a way to respawn an explorer.

    There’s a few other issues that I’m sure you’d be able to smooth out as well. One thing that would be nice would be that alliance system.

    Hope everything works out well for you!

  • Nightfo0l says:

    Sounds interesting indeed, but I think you should warn us ahead of time as to what changes are going to be and when, as opposed to very suddenly.
    p.s. I don’t hope falazar comes back.

  • hunt211 says:

    Lol, falazar came back, and so did i. an allience system wouldn’t be very good, perhaps make a page saying what alliences people are in. long live ironfell!