Werewolves Update!

23rd July 2013 8:41pm

The werewolf update is live! (at least it will be a few minutes after I post this).

Most of these changes are to make the servers run more efficient. Fewer woodcutters, fewer everlasting auto-generating resource buildings. And a few bug fixes.

These changes will take about 28 days to come into effect, as old unused woodcutters turn into Werewolves. All the existing Woodcutter creation times have been randomized, so they will turn sometime within the next 28 days. You may have Werewolves already!

The next change after this is the great realm purge. All the empty, unused realms and user accounts will be removed. Which will make a HUGE difference to the currently overloaded servers. Less lag and less disconnections.

Full list of changes are:

  • Woodcutters become Werewolves after 28 days.
  • Farms become Farm Ruins after 28 days.
  • Paddocks become Paddock Ruins after 28 days.
  • Colleges become College Ruins after 56 days.
  • Universities become University Ruins after 56 days.
  • Woodcutters, Farmlets and Paddocks creation date has been randomized so they are all less than 28 days old.
  • Colleges and Universities have been randomized so they are all less than 56 days old.
  • Miners now build Safe Tunnels and Risky Tunnels.
  • Safe Tunnels Cost: 200 Food, 100 Wood, 200 Iron.
  • Risky Tunnels Cost: 300 Food, 300 Wood, 100 Iron. !!CHEAP!!
  • Conquest and Trailblazer Tunnels can not be built (old one still exist).
  • Safe Tunnels built in your home valley take you to the matching safe lobby realm.
  • Safe Tunnels built elsewhere take you to a Safe Valleys.
  • Risky Tunnels built anywhere take you to a PVP Valley (with Iron or Oil).
  • New risky realms always have at least one iron mine.
  • Risky and trailblazer realms are automatically created over time.
  • I now have a tool that permanently deletes a user, their realms and ALL their units.
  • Fixed: Bug that made that time gate appear in the ocean.
  • Fixed: Bug that created echo’s of the realm at x location 768
  • Ironclads get their own shipwreck.
  • Added an option to sign out of general chat

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  • Gawadroit says:

    This is a big change, looking forward to coming back when tactics are being reworked. Definitely an advantage I didn’t expect to have.

  • Scorcher says:

    I think all this is gunna be awesome, but i dont like the aspect of colleges – farms – and such running out,

    p.s. i was really thinking of playing less and possibly quitting from the lack of action and updates (new things) happening in ironfell!
    AND the lack of david being on =.=

  • Gawadroit says:

    I was also wondering… how do we get the other resources now without the buildings? will we still be able to build the buildings and they just have a lifespan or will they be removed from the game completely? I’m guessing it is just a lifespan as it would require a complete rework of how to get units if they were removed completely. can ruins be destroyed, because that would be a lot of grassland occupied otherwise? Also, will the dino realms be deleted? each one that was created was done so for a pretty hefty price, without all of those realms our burrows will take us to the same old places all the time. Policed realms, would these be exempt from being deleted also? if the policing user isn’t deleted? What warrants an old character, what’s the duration of inactivity before the account is deleted? The info on multiple accounts is a bit vague as well. Several people have at least one if not two alts that they use for various reasons. Anonymity, having access to different color units, cool names, the ability to have a character sitting in a realm to observe battles and what not.

  • Gawadroit says:

    Scorcher, I’m going to make things interesting. I have a knack for that ;-) I’m coming back… for real this time lol

  • falazar says:

    You can still make all the buildings.

    One thing I think is that now oil will be TOO easy to get, which will be interesting.

    But it is annoying to see people stockpile woodcutters too.

    The deletion info would be good to know, though.

  • Gawadroit says:

    I’m not sure if you intended to make it more difficult to get iron but you succeeded. While annoying to most of us it is making it even more of a drain on the new players. The only place to get iron anymore is on the seas and until the iron stashes of the largest players are depleted(because no one is going to have iron soon) the cost to take those mines is going to be high and trying to defend them will be fruitless. oil is definitely not an issue anymore but the already crippled iron is now near non existent. Before someone raves about the very few mines in the mountain realms, owning all of them still doesn’t amount to much. Iron was a pain before, arguably broken. Iron is now broken, period. unless 100’s of riskies spawn a day, the “wait until riskies start spawning” argument is invalid. while the update is applauded and seemed to be a good idea it is very much broken. Not only is the mechanics broken but so is the coding. Disconnects on the browser are rampant and the servers keep restarting(or thats the message we are getting) I hope the lack of feedback we are getting about the game is due to you getting a job. Ironfell is screwed as it stands.

  • Gawadroit says:

    perhaps now with the deletion of realms reinstating riskies as they used to be would be viable. perhaps a variation but only having a limited number of realms spawn is either going to limit the growth of all players or the number of players. the way it is it can’t support the play of the current number of active players which is very few. if more people showed an interest in ironfell, and didn’t get fed up with it being broken, what they would be able to do in game would be VERY VERY limited.

  • deathslayer 999 says:

    ok chart. falazar newbies (per day)
    iron = +100k mil -1 mil
    knowledge = -10 mil -20k
    oil = = 10 mil -10 mil

    wood =2 mil -2 mil
    no offence to anyone, im just stating the obvious though I may be COMPLETLY wrong.

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