Todays Changes

17th June 2013 10:29am

Today’s changes are:

  • Auto-attack is now limited to the units range only.  So T-Rex auto attack only goes 1 hexagon.
  • Velociraptors have now got auto-attack abililty.
  • Stone Circles, Tunnels and Stone Gates built in Public or PVP realms must be spaced 1 hexagaon apart.  They can be close together in castles, keeps and home valleys now.
  • User names can no longer contain < or >
  • Android app has been updated, hopefully this will fix some bugs and help performance.  Update it from the Google Play Store.
  • Coloured Pteradactyls should now be given to people when they spend money.  Even if their volcano’s are occupied.
  • Added user coloured hats to Riflemen.
  • And added more nines.  The resource limit is now 999,999,999,999.


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  • DaButler says:

    The 1 range auto is useless it’s effectively removing it all together. for the cost the auto attack of Rex’s should remain the same maybe drop the range of others down some and it gets smaller as does the cost or something, and as for the rest of the auto attacks, there needs to be a defense vs attack mode, because the chasing is very good for attacking where not chasing makes for much better defending.

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