2nd April 2013 8:51am

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from Ironfell.  After the dinosaur expansion I was a bit exhausted and just need a creative holiday.

To make up for it… here’s a picture of my new puppy!  His name is Sootie Shadow…


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  • tron says:

    this is the cutest dog in the hole world i just love dogs plus u deserve a break u work so hard :)

  • stjr64 says:

    My girlfriend is trying to arrange a trip to kidnap your puppy ;-)

  • tron says:

    i can help only cause its so cute ill follow u guys :)

  • bbrunci says:

    How did he get a pinecone.So cute :D

  • hunt211 says:

    sootie shadow, cleaver name for the dog :D

  • nightfo0l says:

    not appreciating the lack of Sooty Shadow pix. Also congrats on your marriage bill! yay little NZ making big progress

  • Milkman says:

    I was like.. Who’s Bill?


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