More fixes and tweaks

20th March 2013 7:49pm

Just uploaded a few fixes and tweaks:

  • Ory Burrows fail really quickly sometimes. This is because they get destroyed by something on the other end.
  • I’ve increased their health to 20,000 to make them last longer.
  • Archers can turn into Riflemen on bridges now.
  • If there is a Megalodon Eggs on a Whirlpools, now the Whirlpool is selected before the egg. So you cant use them to block Whirlpools.
  • Increased the frequency that eggs spawn in prehistoric realms.
  • Increased the number of small iron deposits found in risky realms.
  • Added better descriptions to the FAQ for each resource.
  • Removed auto-attack from Raptors, too many units with auto-attack turned on causes lag.
  • Decreased Windmill electricity generation so they now take 22 days to empty instead of 11.
  • Increased up Large Iron mine production, now 120 Iron per hour, 2x the speed of a small mine.
  • Changed the unit shown on the preload pony to be one of 5 random units.

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