Few small fixes.

16th March 2013 12:13pm

Just restarting the servers to apply a few small fixes:

  • New Ory Burrows will have 2000 health (was 400).
  • Clicking on the long move arrow when a unit is under the arrow, now does a long move, instead of selecting the unit.
  • Fixed a typo that was crashing the servers sometimes.
  • Fixed several units not showing the red high-light correctly.

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  • hunt211 says:

    not much changed :3

  • tron says:

    i dont get it with the long move thing ?

  • Avambo says:

    @tron – The long move arrow is the arrow at each corner of the hexagon when you select a unit. If you have another unit standing under that arrow it will not be selected, your currently selected unit will instead move in the direction the arrow points. If you get what I’m saying. =)

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