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13th March 2013 9:53pm

I’ve made lots of  small changes recently, and I’ve forgotten to tell you about some of them.  Hopefully this answers more questions that it creates :)

Stone Circles – You will have to build Stone Circles 3 hexagons away from any other of your own Stone Circles.  This needs to be done to stop people (leon) making such a mess with them.

Risky Tunnels built in your home valley never go to realms with zero Iron Mines. This is to help new players with find Iron easier.

New players will get a Conquest Tunnel to the Mountain Realm they’re allowed into. This should help them find people to fight.

Time Machines are built on swamp or grass – not water.  So you can’t move water based units back or forwards in time.  That means that Flagships can’t get to the prehistoric.  And Megalodon cant get to the present.

Auto-attack has changed slightly.  Lots of the new units, Queens and the carnivourous dinosaurs have the auto-attack ability.   But they only have an attack range of 1 hexagon.  With the old system this meant they would only auto-attack units that got within their 1 range.  So I’ve changed auto-attack to scan with a 8 hexagon range of the unit, and pick the closest enemy to attack.  If they are not close enough to attack that unit, they will move forwards towards that enemy and engage them when they are within range.

Castles and Time Travel
If you are in the present and build a Castle, it is policed.  If inside that castle, you build a Time Machine and go to the past. You will enter a prehistoric castle realm, which is PVP (not policed), its swampy, and does not have stone floors. It doesnt have stone floors because they havnt been built yet in the past.  But that Castle in the past does have a Whirlpool connecting it to a prehistoric ocean.

If you are in a prehistoric realm, and you build a new Castle… you get a Castle, Stone Floors, Swampy ground and its PVP.  If you build a time machine in it, you go to the present, to a Castle realm thats Policed but doesnt have a front gate.  It will have a Whirlpool to a present ocean.

Mauisaurus has a slightly different life cycle to the other dinosaurs because it lives in the water and lays eggs on land.  Actually its a marine reptile, not a dinosaur, but anyway. You will find Mauisaurus Hatchlings in the wild, and be able to turn them into Mauisaurus.  The hatchlings are found on swampy terrain, click on it, select Mauisaurus, and select adjacent water terrain for the Mauisaurus to appear.  Wild hatchlings are not owned by you, so you can’t move them.

Once you have a Mauisaurus, they can swim up to an island, and lay eggs on swampy terrain. After 12 hours, the eggs hatch into hatchlings.  These hatchlings that came from your own Mauisaurus can move, and can travel through time machines to the future. Unlike poor Megalodon who is stuck in the past.

Mauisaurus only lays eggs on swampy terrain. So you won’t be able to breed him in the now, only in the past.

All those changes will be in the Dinosaur Expansion on Friday.

But here is something new that’s live already, a page showing how much money Ironfell has lost: http://www.ironfell.com/profit

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  • Avambo says:

    Nice, it seems like this will be quite an interesting expansion well worth the wait.

    It boggles my mind that you’ve spent $4k on advertising at StumbleUpOn. Did you put up a landing page for all those visitors?

  • nightfo0l says:

    money making ideas:
    $1 for a new iron mine in your home realm
    $1 to rent 1 iron mine in a safe lobby (only 1 at a time)

    you need to be open to more money making ideas that do not unbalance anything

  • yellow103 says:

    What if i build a castle in another person’s prehistoric castle?

  • 4k on advertising is nothing :S I should be spending 5-10k a week on advertising (but only if I win a lottery).

    nightfoOl… am setting up a kickstarter indiegogo thing for the expansion after dinosaurs :)

    A castle in a prehistoric castle is just like building a castle in any prehistoric realm.

  • Avambo says:

    What I meant was that you spent $4k on StumbleUpOn alone. I do a lot of Internet Marketing myself and I don’t think I would turn to StumbleUpOn for quality traffic, maybe if I was building an email list. Btw, did you use a landing page or not? =)

  • Rebazoe says:

    I have started to make a monthly resource purchase because I value this game. I hope that will help a little.
    Kita and I were talking about other things that could be bought in game, like special castles or realms etc.
    Just a thought.

  • DaBean says:

    A couple ideas to increase revenue:

    -charge for the mobile version of the game ($3 sounds fair)
    -include ads on the load screen

    Just a thought.

  • Daniel says:

    The current auto units should not be able to follow… basically the same as luring… i range auto attack should be catagorized sepperatly like a “rampage” or something to allow it

  • Daniel says:

    and by current I modify my meaning to any ranged auto should not go looking for a fight