A Ultrasaurus Life Cycle

9th March 2013 9:56pm

“Much larger than their cousins the Diplodocus, the Ultrasaurus also eats trees. However, tree seeds pass through their digestive system intact. “

When you explore any prehistoric realms you will find Wild Ultrasaurus Eggs.  When you click on a Wild Ultrasaurus Eggs you can turn it into an Ultrasaurus (which costs resources).  You don’t need to have a unit there, so you can look around the prehistoric wilderness and convert any wild eggs you find.

Now you have an Ultrasaurus, it can lay Ultrasaurus Eggs (which costs resources).  If your Ultrasaurus layed the egg, it’s not a wild egg and only you can get an Ultrasaurus from that egg.

An Ultrasaurus Egg will take about 48 hours to hatch into an Ultrasaurus.  Different dinosaurs have different incubation times, for example a Pteradactyl is only 2 hours and a Velociraptors is 4 hours.  Mostly the incubation time matches the rarity and strength of the dinosaur.

This means you can’t spam dinosaurs like you do Soldiers or Archers.  You’ll need to plan that dinosaur army ahead of time.

Also eggs are fragile and can be destroyed, so you’ll need to breed your dinosaurs and keep their eggs safe.

And we are hopefully, fingers crossed, touch wood, aiming to go live this Friday.

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  • Avambo says:

    Looks cool, I like that you can’t flood dinosaurs everywhere. Maybe there should be a similar process for all living units?

    Also, I’d rather see you go live later than rushing the expansion, if you feel like it’s not ready by friday. :)

  • tron says:

    it is awesome

  • yellow103 says:

    Breeding keep time.

  • tron says:

    this is so cool oh thats right i wont be around for it because of that stupid ban for doing nothing

  • hunt211 says:

    how many types of dinos is very gonna be ?

  • hunt211 says:

    “there “

  • tron says:

    i dont kno but i wont be around for the update id hope the gm lets the ban go when the update is on

  • hunt211 says:

    lol, poor tron

  • Daniel says:

    dont count on it tron, and it wasn’t for “nothing” you were making spam accounts, leon got banned too but only for a week

    and there are like 10 dinos i think