Time Machines!

4th March 2013 10:00pm

The new time machines allow you to travel back to 65 million years ago – to the late cretaceous period.


To build a time machine, you need an Inventor (1).  They build the Time Controller (2), which must be built on Grass or Swamp.

Next the Time Controller builds the Time Capacitor (3).  It stores the huge quantities of Electricity required to create the portal to the past.

Then the Time Capacitor builds the Prehistoric Time Gate (4).  The Time Gate needs to be built on Grass or Swamp.

Be careful with your placement of these buildings.  The pattern they follow is; Inventor > Grass > Hill > Grass.  Watch out for this, I don’t want you to waste resources building these in the wrong place!

When you enter the Time Gate, you go back in time, to a similar realm in the past.  You’ll notice there is lots of Swampy land, Volcanoes and those Wollemia Trees I talked about yesterday.

Every realm in the now has a matching similar realm in the past.  They are the same size and have similar terrain.  They have the same permissions, except private home realms are set to public (so safe like the trailblazer tunnels).

If you have a Castle in the now and you build a time machine inside it.  You’ll go back to a Castle shaped realm in the past.  Of course the castle hasn’t been built yet so there won’t be any Stone Floors or Stone Walls in the past.

An interesting thing happens when you build a Castle in the past, then make a time machine inside the castle.  You will go forwards in time and your Stone Floors and Stone Walls do exist in the now Castle.  And Castles made in the past are Policed and they also have a Whirlpool connecting them to an Ocean in the past.


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  • Milkman says:

    I hope the safe lobbies become PvP realms! Why not even make safe private homes PvP once you change eras? Minimise the space that we have to build farms/colleges/universities etc. Keeps and Castles will become even more valuable for their space!

  • bbrunci says:

    Where do you make an inventor

  • weskejak says:

    I do like the idea of more PVP space, like milkman suggests. the artwork looks fantastic. can’t wait to try them out. is the time gate going to be indestructible like the stone circle?

  • 180153 says:

    how do ya build a inventor ?

  • Tinaeatfood says:

    I was really hoping they were gonna be tiny blue boxes……….

  • tron says:

    id say that this is gonna be the coolest update ever i cant wait it looks so cool i really cant wait

  • nightfo0l says:

    stargates are still coolio :P

  • yellow103 says:

    so my will exist in the past(the gate)? Or can someone stop mine from existing by building something there before me(in game-time, not real-time)?

    …great Scott…

  • yellow103 says:


  • stjr64 says:

    Will a tombstone created in the past survive 65 million years?

  • yellow103 says:

    Do the buildings have to be in a strait line?
    Also, in the past(where we are going) do we need road?

  • I might change the prehistoric realms to all be pvp, am thinking about it.

    Time gates are destroyable :)

    Inventors are made at Universities.

    Don’t rule out blue boxes, there will hopefully be other expansions, and I can make gates that move. :)

  • colonol mustard says:

    will they be bigger on the inside?

  • stjr64 says:

    If you make little time-travelling blue boxes, I may actually be able to get my girlfriend to start playing :D

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