Prehistoric Wollemia Trees

3rd March 2013 5:53pm

The Dinosaur and Time Machine Expansion is coming very soon. Possibly this week. There is so much stuff in the new update that I need to start telling you about some of the new features.

So, lets talk trees.


From wikipedia: “Wollemia is a genus of coniferous tree in the family Araucariaceae. Wollemia was only known through fossil records until the Australian species Wollemia nobilis was discovered in 1994 in a temperate rainforest wilderness area of the Wollemi National Park in New South Wales, 150 kilometres north-west of Sydney. The oldest fossil of the Wollemi tree has been dated to 200 million years ago.”

These new trees grow in 5 stages, Seedling, Sapling, Tree, Mature Tree and Ancient Tree.   Each stage provides more Wood, but takes longer to grow. These numbers are not final… but 14 days after it was planted, it will grow into a Mature Tree with 3000 wood. 42 days after it was planted, each Ancient Tree will hold 30,000 Wood.

Harvesting that much Wood will take a Woodcutter far too long.  So there are two Dinosaurs that can harvest wood, with auto-gather, one 12x as fast as a Woodcutter and another which will eat one of those Ancient Tree’s in 3 bites. These two dinosaurs also poop the Wollemia seeds, so they can plant new Wollemia Seedlings!  You will be able to plant a whole forest of tree’s and wait for them to mature, and harvest them when they hold 30,000 Wood EACH.

A forest with that much wood, better be well defended.

David, :)

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  • 180153 says:

    the update is gong to be awesome XD I can’t wait !

  • 180153 says:

    what’s gonna happen to the old tree ?

  • The old tree stays :) just how it is.

  • weskejak says:

    that looks amazing, i have a feeling that keeps and castles are going to be even more important coming up here.

  • yellow103 says:

    Castle full of trees time. Ancient castle will still be policed, right? And that does say the dinosaurs will poop MORE trees, right?
    And dinos can hold it all the way through a tunnel, right?

  • […] a similar realm in the past.  You’ll notice there is lots of Swampy land, Volcanos and those Wollemia Trees I talked about […]

  • SilverStrike799 says:

    How do you get the seeds in the first place? Also, can these trees be grown in safe and policed realms?

  • tron says:

    omg this is so cool i cant wait this is so cool i cant wait!!!!

  • tron says:

    oh and how long does it take for i dino to chop down a tree with 30k wood with the dino?

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