Sticky movement and shift selection.

22nd February 2013 9:27pm

I think you’ll like today’s changes…

  • Hold down the shift key to select and unselect units.
  • Sticky movement, when you move a group of units, they stay selected.
  • When you build units, you can keep clicking to build more.
  • Land and sea unit selection are now separated.

And fixes:

  • < in signs now work.
  • And Madamelady’s scroll to negative y, change x, goes to 65000.

And behind the scenes there’s a bunch of tracking to try and detect bots and macros.

And here’s a dinosaur :)


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  • Avambo says:

    Great, can’t wait to try it out. :)

  • yellow103 says:

    That face, can’t tell if its mad or annoyed.

  • stjr64 says:

    That face is ‘determined’. :)

  • Jon says:

    Dinosaur aside, those selection changes are well met. :)

  • tron says:

    the dinosaur looks so cool i cant wait for this update its nice and purple :)

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