Few small changes

17th February 2013 10:14am

There are now 4 Large Iron Deposits in each Mountain realm – and yes that means EVERY old mountain realm too (gold rush!)

BUT you’re now blocked from entering those PVP mountain realms… unless it’s the one attached to your own home valley.  The starting lobbies and their attached large mountain realms are for new users.

New users get more Iron to start with (24k instead of 6k).

And a reminder… if you create accounts to get the new user Iron, or alts just to get the Iron from new Mountain realms… you will get banned, forever, without warning.

I’ve cleaned up lothars mess in these realms:

The servers are playing up a little bit.  I’m still trying to figure out why.  They’re okay if I restart them every so often :)

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  • Avambo says:

    “unless it’s the one attached to your own home valley.”

    So basically I got to kill CagedMind to get hold of a mine, since he has flooded the whole mountain… Yeh, I’ll pass.