Tunnel Hubs

16th February 2013 11:02am

Okay, so tunnel hubs are breaking Ironfell.

Iron and wood are far to easy to get, people don’t fight for them, they just grind and harvest them. Grinding a tunnel hub to get millions of Iron you won’t spend is not fun.

And its really hurting the servers. All the work I’ve done this week has been on optimizing the servers… because people building hubs with 100’s or 1000’s of new tunnels, means 1000’s of new realms. And all those new realms are whats hurting the servers the most.

Ironfell earnt $16 this week. So I can’t afford to buy more servers for it.

The changes a few days ago that make it possible to break into tunnel hubs have helped. But there is still not enough incentive to fight like that. Its much easier to build your own hub than steal someone elses.

So for the good of Ironfell, I need to make some changes to try and reduce the amount of tunnel hubs being made.

So these are the changes I’ve just made…

Trailblazer tunnels can not be built. Use safe tunnels to steal wood from existing tunnel, or harvest wood in risky tunnels. All your existing Trailblazer tunnels are still there, just that miners cant build new ones.

Risky Tunnels now cost more. 5k Food, 5k Wood and 10k Iron.

Risky Tunnel realms can now randomly contain 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Iron Deposits. The chances of getting each number of mines is weighted, so that Risky Tunnels are still profitable – if you can keep all your mines for a week.

I’m sorry if this change upsets you. But Ironfell is supposed to be about strategy, not brute force grind farming.

These changes have to be made to make the game more fun – and more profitable.

And being realistic and totally honest with you – if I don’t make Ironfell more profitable I’ll have to shut it down.



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