even more changes

10th February 2013 1:23pm

Woodcutters now cut tree’s down in one hit.

Tunnel Hubs

I dont like they way people grind away making tunnel hubs, its not fun.  Its too easy to get iron.  And it discourages fighting over the large mines in the in the oceans.

So I am going to change the rules, so that tunnel hubs can be broken into.

If you build a conquest tunnel, and the realm connects to someones tunnel hub.  And you send 20 soldiers through the tunnel into the hub.  The soldiers will now land on Tunnels.  The time before they fall through tunnels has been greatly increased.  So you will have time to move your view through into the tunnel hub, and start your soldiers attacking.

Previously Woodcutters on auto-gather would not fall through tunnels.  To stop people using them to block tunnels… from now on Woodcutters, on auto-gather, will fall through tunnels if they are not adjacent to a Tree or Tree Stump.

Safe Lobby Realms
I have always let people go a bit crazy in the safe lobby realms, I’ld rather give people freedom that make restrictions.

Those safe lobby realms are the first place new users visit, and too often older experienced players break into them, and fill them with Colleges and Farms.  There’s a fix for that coming in the Dino updage – you’ll get Universities and a new Farm that cost 100x as much but produce 100x as much. So you won’t have to grind making massive fields of Colleges.

But as Lothar has shown in this realm:

There are other ways to mess up the safe lobbies… he mostly did that to prove to me that safe lobbys are broken as they currently work.  Now I agree with him.

So here’s the fix… from now on, your units are only able to enter the Safe Lobby attached to your Home Valley.

If you’re already in a different Safe Lobby, thats fine, your stuff stays there.  You just can’t move more units into a safe lobby.

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