More small changes

9th February 2013 7:24pm

Another set of small changes today, mostly bug fixes.

  • I’ve removed some characters from the allowed character set for user names.  Rylandrc pointed out that some characters look identical.
  • GM’s now get coloured text in chat.  Before you complain about that… I am planning to make some of you GM’s at some point.
  • The “Welcome to…” text in chat is now grey not black.
  • The yellow gate indicator only shows when you go through a gate now.
  • Signs, Banners and Buoys are fixed on android. (thankyou Emanon!)
  • New Players now get a simple tutorial.  I will probably change the text at some point when my friend who is a proper writer has a chance to re-write my programmer text.
  • Flag Ship luring has been nurfed.  All units with auto-attack now try to attack the closest unit to them, instead of getting pre-occupied attacking the same unit.


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  • Avambo says:

    Nice. When it comes to the last point about flagship luring, does that apply for other units as well?

    For example if you have a catapult on auto-attack and surround it by units so that no other warrior/archer can reach it.

  • Avambo says:

    Again, disregard my previous comment. I should stop posting here before I really read what it says in the update… -.-

  • yellow103 says:

    GMs eh? We need a code of conduct layed out, some solid rules so we know how to become one.

  • Avambo says:

    @yellow103, another good thing to have would be a button to “talk to a GM”. Maybe it will be possible when the private chats arrive.