Dinosaur Sneak Peak

31st January 2013 5:27pm

Hey :) So you might have heard that Dinosaurs! and Time Machines! are coming soon.

Here’s a sneak-peak at a Tyrannosaurus…  T-REX

The previous expansion, Regal Realms with the Castles & Keeps was a bit of a flop.  It had about 10 new units, and that just wasn’t enough.

So I’ve rolled 3 expansions into one.  You get Dinosaurs, Time Machines and Victorian England all at once. 50 new units, 3 new terrain types.

You’ll be able to gather Oil and Electricity.

The time machines will be multi-part buildings… that take up 3 cells each.  Build a time machine and it works like a tunnel, but takes you back 65 million years.   The time machines will be destroyable… so you can destroy one end of the gateway and the other end will still work.  I’ll write another post with the details about how time travel works – its complicated. :)

You’ll get 8 land based fighting dinosaurs and 2 water based fighting dinosaurs – Megalodon and  Mauisaurus (who’s from New Zealand).

There will be a new type of tree… so new source of wood,  and 2 wood harvesting tree eating dinos.

I can’t say exactly when this will go live.  It all depends on when the artwork is ready – and then how long it takes me to put the artwork in – and test that everything works well together.  I’ll try to give you at least a weeks warning,  and it’ll go live when its ready :)


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  • stjr64 says:

    I’m all giddy seeing this news! Can’t wait!!

  • Avambo says:

    That dino looks awesome, can’t wait for this update! I just hope that it won’t we too much to take in at once lol. =)

    Also, it would be great to get an estimation of what things are going to cost to build. I assume that dinos will cost a lot of food, right?

  • Tinaeatfood says:

    These time-machines had better be blue police-boxes.

  • yellow103 says:

    Awww, he is soooo cute. LOOK, hes playing with his new friends…MY CASTLE!!

  • Madamelady says:

    Blue police boxes!!! pleassseeeee