Small update to Castles & Keeps

24th January 2013 5:59pm

Castle & Keep changes are live!
Check the forum for the details about that:
Bascially you can now kill Keeps and Castles.

The way units fall down Tunnels and Stone Circles has changed. So there is now a slight random delay before units fall through them. This fixes an exploit that Rylandrc found, you can see what he was doing here:

New lobby realms will have matching names from now on. So you’ll get them in a set… Isle of Jewel, Mountain of Jewel, Sea of Jewel.

The list of user names doesnt automatically scroll to the bottom when a name is added or removed now. (thanks Avambo for that).

There’s a number in the general chat panel… that tells you how many people are in general chat.

And I fixed a bug with the new server where it was filling the hard drive with database log files.

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  • Avambo says:

    Nice update and it’s fun to see my nickname there even though you were the one who did all the hard work. ^^

    Anyways, I got an idea. Have you ever thought about improving the chat colors? For example making everyones chat comment text black so it’s easy to read, but at the same time keeping the color(colour) of the names as they are.

    Or you could do 1 black, 1 dark grey, 1 black, 1 dark grey etc comment text in the chat so you can tell each messages apart from eachother easy as well.

    I just feel like it’s hard to read those light grey/yellow/green/blue texts when people are talking. =)

    Anyways, great game and I hope it will be even more popular than it is now, cya!

  • Avambo says:

    Here’s an example of how I imagined the chat:

    Maybe even make the names bolded or something.

    Hope that makes it easier to understand what I tried to explain earlier. :P