Press Release: Indie MMORTS Ironfell has gone Live!

15th January 2013 9:25pm

DataSmugglers is pleased to announce that Ironfell, an indie MMORTS for Android, Windows and Mac platforms, is now live!

For the past six months, Ironfell has been in beta. The game has changed dramatically in that time, with the addition of resource trading, epic ocean realms, naval battles and castles. There have also been some bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Ironfell is free to play. It’s on the Google Play store, and Mac OSX and Windows versions can also be download from the Ironfell website. All platforms connect to the same massive, persistent universe consisting of 42,000 realms packed with 2.2 million user controlled units.

The next epic expansion will include dinosaurs, time machines and two new resource types. And that’s just the beginning; eventually players will be able to blast off into space.


About Ironfell
Ironfell treats balance differently to other MMORTSs. In Ironfell players are encouraged to gain an unfair advantage. The longer they play, the more resources they get, and the stronger they become.

Game Information
Name: Ironfell
Status: LIVE
Description: The great big multiplayer strategy game that gives you the unfair advantage.
Platform: Android, Mac OSX, Windows and Browser.
Forum: (made by a fan)
Developer Blog:
Development started: Late 2011
Open Beta began: May 2012
Live: 15th January 2013

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