New Settings Panel

11th January 2013 10:09am

Just uploaded a new version with lots of small improvements and a new Settings Panel.


Below is a detailed description of everything in the settings panel.

Grid Scale.  The size of the hexagon grid.  The four sizes are 75%, 100%, 150% and 200%.  The larger sizes are for people on high density screens, like Android tablets.  Also the game does a better job of detecting the appropriate scale for you when you first play on an Android device.

Interface Scale.  The size of all the buttons and panels.  On a smaller Android phone, the large panels like Create Trade may be shrunk below the set Interface Scale so they always fit on the screen.

Render Engine 2D/3D.  Both options look the same.  I havn’t won the lottery and paid a team of 3D artists to re-create everything in 3D.  3D means that its using Flash’s Stage3D feature, so the images that make up the landscape and units are rendered flat in a 3D view.  3D mode will also make use of your graphics card.  So if you have a slow processor, but fast graphics card… 3D should make the game run LOTS faster.   2D is normal Flash bitmaps drawn onto the normal Stage.  If you get graphics glitches in 3D mode, switching to 2D will fix it.

On Android… you should try both modes to see which works faster.  Some tablets have separate graphics chips that the 3D mode can take advantage of.

Ping.  Every 60 seconds the game pings the server, just to check if its still connected. The ping value you see in the settings is the round trip time, from your computer to the server near Los Angeles and back (in milliseconds).  I’m in New Zealand and on a cellular connection today so I’m seeing a 280ms ping time.

Realm / General chat arrow blink.  If these are ticked, and the chat panel is minimized, the red tabs blink when someone talks in chat to let you know someone has talked.  Some people get annoyed by them blinking, and like to turn the blinking off.

Disconnect in Background.  On Android there is another tick box “Disconnect in background”.  If its ticked, and you leave Ironfell (by going to your home screen or to a browser), Ironfell disconnects.  Thats how Android apps are supposed to behave.  But if you untick that box, it won’t disconnect you and Ironfell will keep running with you signed in, in the background.  Becareful with this, Ironfell is pretty intensive and will slow your phone or tablet down if its running in the background.

!!!!! You need to download and install the latest version of Ironfell for Disconnect in background to work. From here: Ironfell.apk  !!!!!

And here’s a list of the other small improvements:

  • Stone Circle passcode is now selectable (for Copy + Paste).
  • Disconnect screen Explorer has white collar.
  • Now get a “No internet connection” message instead of version error if you run the desktop version without an internet connection.
  • All panels are better at resizing to stay on screen, especially on Android.
  • Admin tool to create Explorers easier when people delete all their units.
  • New updates remove old files.
  • Desktop version, pushing escape quickly when the app launches freaks it out less.
  • Android version detects high pixel density screens and selects Grid and UI scale better.
  • Now tracking what version (Android, Desktop, Browser) people are using.
  • When you change the POI realm id, x, y fields you can press enter to submit.

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