New custom realm almost ready

30th November 2012 12:21am

The new custom realm is almost ready… thank you to everyone for the suggestions… especially yellow103 and Milkman.

It will be a policed realm… owned by nobody.    Which means that like Keeps and Castles, you will not be able to build Stone Circles, Tunnels, Keeps or Castles inside this realm.  No gates.  No flooding units. :)

You can see the new realm here:

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll place the 32 whirlpools that will connect it to every ocean realm.

The two images below show how I draw these custom realms.  I use Photoshop to draw them, each pixel becomes a hexagon, with every other column of pixels gets offset by one hexagon.  I have some code that reads the colour of each pixel, and creates terrain from the first image, and units from the second image.

One day I’ll make a tool, anyone can use to create realms like this.

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  • yellow103 says:

    My little child of map, so beautiful.