Spechal Characters

16th October 2012 8:30pm

Special characters are fun! not!

Its amazing, even when everything is set to use UTF-8 encoding, special characters still annoy me.

EmoryM was trying to find bugs, and registered a user with the name alt-255. It’s a special character that’s blank in most fonts. Sometimes its an apple logo or a funny p or b shape. In Ironfell that name showed up as blank.

And a while ago some people registered using Arabic names. Which worked in the sign up form, and database, but then showed up blank in the game.

My first thought was to include ALL characters… and I got it to work! By using a font called Droid Fallback, which has 43,000+ characters. The problem being that it increased the games file size from 400kb to 5000kb.

I could get around that, by using the default system fonts. But they’re ugly :)

So I’ve made a list of which characters are in the font I’ve been using (Droid Sans Bold / Regular). And I’ve limited names in the sign up form to those characters. Turns out there’s about 780 characters in the font, and after a bit of mucking around, they all work.

Below is a Flash file, with all the possible characters. You should be able to copy and paste characters from it into the sign up form.

This means most european languages, spanish, french, russian etc work.

But languages like chinese or korean don’t. To support those I would have to include the 5mb font.

If you want to change your name, drop me an email from the email account you signed up with, let me know what name you’ld like, and I’ll change it for you. I cant let you change your own name, because people would use that to grief other players.

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