Server ram usage

6th October 2012 10:32pm

Sorry about the lack of progress this week.  I’m doing a little bit of work for hire. Hopefully it’ll be finished in a few days and I can get back onto Ironfell.

I did fix one pretty important bug this week… related to memory usage on the servers.

There’s 3 physical servers (red, green and blue).  Each physical server is a mac mini with a quad core processor and 16gb of ram. Each physical server runs 4 game server instances, 12  in total.

The graph below shows the memory usage over the last week.  You should be able to see the difference this fix made to the servers :)

This means we can have more people playing :)

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  • EmoryM says:

    What was the fix? I’m really curious – was there actually a bug or did you optimize?

  • Bit of both :) I needed to force memory garbage collection frequently… here’s the details…

  • Lothar100 says:

    Nice job dude!